ShanghaiLily is an electro pop project out of Toronto Canada. With drum and bass beats and a vocal sway similar to Portishead, Goldfrapp, Garbage, The Sneaker Pimps and Zero 7.


Kate Zenna (also vocalist of Marina's Daughter) and Ron Lopata created ShanghaiLily in Toronto just as the recent music explosion there was developing. They met not through Craigslist but through the analog route of the Classified Ads in the local music rag.
With his experience as a producer and performer and her flair from a successful acting career the 6 foot tall Zenna and the maestro Lopata create an incredible onstage presence.


ShanghaiLily ShanghaiLily

Set List

Ruby Red, Calming Me, Haul Me, Frozen, Satellite Dreams, You Make Me Go Blind