Florissant, Missouri, USA

Powerful, Deep, Fun and Whitty. Makes you wanna Dance and Sometimes wanna Cry. But by the end of everysong and show, you leave Happy and you finally let go of the burdens you had hanging over you all this time. Its the best of Both Worlds . Jammin' music and Soulful sounds all Mix in ONE :)


Shanice Quarles, 17yr. old Singer/Song Writer, Born in Alabama but raised in St. Louis. Started out heading for the WNBA til she found out her Love and Passion for music. She began to write music at a young age, then decided to play the violin for 6yrs. shortly after that she picked up the guitar, self taught herself and now shes a remarkable Artist touching people all over the Mid. West.
She has a R&B/Soul Sound, shes a Positive Alternative Artist that's ready to spread the Love of Music and Life. Shes a teenager with a Dream to make a Change with her Music.
All around im still a normal Teenager . ima Christian and im ready to spread the Love and Word of God.
Just remember your never to young to Change somebodys Life. :D

Shanice Quarles music is very soulful and deep, Most Teens dont write the same as her. Even though shes not talking about having fame, money, and boys. Her music still reaches her peers , even adults. She forces them to go back and really think about the times when they felt lost, and had no hope. Then people began to relate to her music. There's song that bring you out of that depression stage and let you know that there's hope in this world and there's reason why there here living and breathing on this earth.

She's compared to Lauryn Hill and India Ire and Corine Baily Rae. Beacuse of her passion and the way her lyrics breath into you.

Whats great about her she has a old soul but she's still a teenager. She love to dance and do Pop, Country, Rock , you name it. So she has to sets of styles that will both sell perfectly. She's just what the industry needs TODAY.