Shanise Rakel

Shanise Rakel

 Seattle, Washington, USA


Shanise Pitre(the Complete Artist)

Shanise Pitre is a complete artist and entertainer at only 19 years old. From the image, dynamic vocal ability, and dancing, she is often compared to as the Next Beyonce Knowles, but with her own unique twist for the industry. She won the All City Talent Show in Seattle, WA and has proved to be a complete entertainer at the EMP, 2005 and 2006 Soul festival , SIV Quanza celebration, and Festive Sanjata. she was the highlight of the show when she sang a solo on stage with Lenny White of Tower Power.

The Singer
Her dynamic voice was trained from a new innovative voice training system called Vocal Chi Technique (VCT) Created by platinum producer Kevin Gardner. With just one year of training she was able to enhance her natural ability the to level of competing with today's top industry vocalist.

The Dancer
Shanise electrifies the stage with precise dance moves like Caria and Janet Jackson with a new hip hop energy. As a dancer she was personally trained by choreographer Issac. He is currently on his well known dance group named Point Blank. One of the members is now dancing back up for Chris Brown. She also was trained by world known choreographer Danial Cruise of (Curise Control). The Complete Artist Shanise's humble personality along with all if her God given talent as an entertainer is what makes her a complete artist.