BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

New, one of a kind style that will have cunsumers going crazy. Gritty, raw, with a jazz fill from the New Orleans background. Something that will be copied for generations to come. Ground braking, the next level.



Demond Thomas is an upcoming rapper, producer, songwriter who does a little singing when needed. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana his environment made him wont to become a musician and talk about what he lived and seen. He has recorded over sixty songs and is searching for a record label home to help him develop his craft and gain capital to fund his on record label family. Selling over six hundred albums independently and giving more then two hundred away was to help get his name known and out to his future consumer. To aid in his quest to be recognized for his music he has performed at many clubs in Louisiana such as The Corner Pocket (3), The Ponchutrain Center, The Club behind the 8 ball(2), Dillard University and Big V’s. He was chosen by The American Music Search (A.M.S.) to go Atlanta, Georgia to be heard and pick by Record Labels from all over the world but couldn’t produce the funds needed to attend this function. Many local label tried to sign him but wasn’t as serious about his gift as he was so he started his on label. With very few good paying jobs and leaving the street life behind to raise his daughter he never could afford paying to release his album. So he just continues doing what he can to for fill his dreams hoping to one day get his chance. Mr. Thomas rap name “Shanka” has two albums already done and is ready to start a new one introducing his self to the world but this time not to be forgotten. Future goals are paying for a patient for his invention and putting his record label (Squade’em Out Records) out to sign team members (G.-S.q.u.a.d.e.) to a record deal. Other goals are Real Estate investments etc. He just hopes that someone will help him as they were helped so he can be remembered in this business called music. As someone who contributed to it.


Shanka has sold over 200 albums on his label Squade'em Out Records in 1998 and is still making and getting his music to the world through underground ventures.