Shanklin Road

Shanklin Road


unique 3 part female harmony delivered in a down home, heart felt whirlwind that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat not wanting to miss a thing.


-Shanklin Road is an all female country trio made up of ¾ of the former bluegrass group Blacks Mountain. Sisters Dawn Ellis and Joyce Miller team up with good friend and long time band mate Lisa Bennett to create and perform their own brand of country with their own unique blend of harmonies and an occasional shot of their bluegrass roots. Recently, the girls have done some maritime touring with Stuart McLean of CBC's Vinyl Cafe.
They have accumulated many awards and accolades over the years and are still going strong. Shanklin Road took home the group of the year award at the Greater Saint John Music Awards held in October of 2006 and are in the running again this year with the awards presentations to be held in October. Country Music Week held in Saint John NB in September 2006,they performed no less than six times and had on hand their much awaited sophomore album “Climb”.
Shanklin Road ranked in the top five in New Brunswick’s Next Country Star 2005, won an ECMA nomination in 2005 for Country Recording with their first album “Don’t Forget About the Rain”, and performed with ECMA 2005 entertainer of the year George Canyon on the live telecast of the ECMA awards that same year.
In the past tthree years the girls have showcased numerous times at both the ECMAs and MNB week, taken part in the Canadian Country Christmas Tour with such Canadian greats as Sean Hogan, Diane Chase, Duane Steele, Jason Blaine, and Jamie Warren. They’ve also shared the stage with the Lynn Morris Band, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Rhonda Vincent, Jason McCoy and Gordie Sampson, to name a few.
Shanklin Road’s first cd saw “Cheater’s Hill”, a single from that album, go to #45 on the Cancountry chart and come in at #64 for the year in 2004. The album also made Stewart Fenwick’s list of top ten albums for the year in “Country Music and Dance” magazine in Scotland and was honoured with a special mention in Country Music News along with Larry Delaney’s top dozen country recordings for 2004.
These girls have a stage show that must be seen. Their down-home attitudes make every audience feel immediately familiar and comfortable and their humorous antics and bantering between beautifully sung, harmony-filled songs from the heart is truly a breath of fresh air. They take command of the stage and grab your attention from the very first word to the last and leave a lasting impression on anyone in attendance.
These girls are firm believers that every stage should be treated as a kitchen and every show a party so they continue to kick off their shoes and “let ‘er rip”. It’s a must-see performance and a must-hear sound – it’s Shanklin Road.



Written By: Germain Brunet

You can knock on a thousand doors
You can pound the pavement till your feet get sore
And still never get one foot inside
Well just keep tryin'
And don't you lose your will
Take it from me, if the road is all uphill
You're getting closer to the top

So climb until you reach your dream
Try and forge ahead full steam
Just keep a strong state of mind
You'll get there one rung at a time and climb

Along the way you might take a fall
It happens to the best you just need to get back up that's all
Cause it's just another test
So do your best


Even the smallest of steps
Will take you far
Even if you're not the best
You have to think you are

China Rose

Written By: Shanklin Road

Sittin' all alone by candle light at a table set for two
I saw the way you looked at me tonight from across a crowded room
Then you walked on over, tapped me on the shoulder
Said girl you're lookin' sad today
So what's it gonna take to put a smile back on your face

A china rose and sweet red wine
Could be the cure for what I feel inside
A hotel room, a night with you
Just might be the remedy for what I'm going through

The band's playin' good old hurtin' songs
All the ones I wanna hear
And I don't even care what's right or wrong
When you whisper in my ear
So sit down at my table
Ready willing able
Make me laugh again
Put your arm around me and act like we're old friends


Better Than Me

Written By: Shanklin Road

If the world could only see me through my eyes
They'd understand why I don't exercise
I don't tamper with perfection and I don't brag
Why would I want a six pack when I've got the keg

I know my friends all think that I'm a fool
Cause I thank them when they tell me I'm not cool
No I don't believe in vanity but I know what I've got
How can I be cool...when I'm so damn hot
In the mirror I like what I see
No one likes me better than me

I know you'll find it hard to understand
But for six long years I haven't had a man
And I'm convinced the reason I'm still free
Is no man thinks he's good enough for someone like me


Im Not

Written By: Dawn Ellis and Shanklin Road

Hey your looking good there in the early morning light
And I just want to tell you I had a good time last night
But dont start talking plans and dreams of white picket fences
Talking about the future seems to bring me to my senses
And Im not saying love not this time
Im not laying my heart on the line
Im not ready yet to give it another try
With one more chance just another shot
A little more giving it all that Ive got
I think I could fall for you
But Im not

Youve been my rock yeah and when I think Im on a roll
Then you start talking love and I start to lose control
Cause I cant say forever or make promises out loud
Im not saying never baby just not right now

You make me smile and make me want you
But you cant make me say things that I dont want to ooooh


Shanklin Road has released 2 full length albums. "Don't Forget About the Rain" in November of 2003 and their latest release "Climb" in September of 2006.
Cheater's Hill, a single from their first album went to #45 on the Cancountry chart in 2004 and came in at #64 for the year.
More recent radio releases are "I'm Not" , the Roseanne Cash cover tune "I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me" and "Climb" all from the Climb album.

Set List

We don't have a "typical set list" as we go into each performance ready to please the crowd. We generally feel them out and do the entire show "on the fly". A set for us is usually about 45 minutes of mostly Shanklin Road original tunes though we do a few covers. The covers include "All Jacked Up" and Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson, Whiskey Lullabye by Brad Paisley, I'm Not Lisa by Jessie Colter, Hey Good Lookin' and Your Cheatin' Heart by Hank Williams, Rise Up Lazarus by Patty Loveless, Workin' Man by Rita MacNeil and we'll try anything the audience wants to hear.