Shanna Gilfix

Shanna Gilfix


Sprinkle a little Norah Jones in with a dose of Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, and Kimbra, and you begin to get an idea of our sound. We combine the sultry sound of 50's smooth vocals together with the modern acoustic soul heartbeat of today. We are unique. We are Shanna Gilfix and Jeff Sterzer.


My name is Shanna Gilfix. I've been singing, writing, and playing guitar and piano for as long as I can remember. A few years back, I wrote a song with a previous song-writing partner, Rich Adoradio, that got over half a million view on YouTube. This original song is called "It Took Losin You." I've sung the National Anthem at Dodger's Stadium. I've been featured in numerous publications including AND Magazine, and Synchronized Chaos.

Jeff has been in numerous bands, and with them, has won many awards including Best song of the year, and Best band in Orange County 3 years running. He's been playing soulful guitar ever since he could hold one in his hands, and has brought his incredible passion and skill to our song-writing and performing partnership.

Together, Jeff and I write songs that move us. We perform, and we can see the people around us respond with their entire being. Every note means something. Every word is imbued with truth. Most importantly though, we have so much fun writing, recording, and performing these songs that it almost isn't even fair.

We are so blessed to have this chance to bring to life our dream. We wish only to share our music with the world. Let those who appreciate the new sounds of our age combined with the sultry sounds of days gone by listen to what we do. They will see that the love we put into each song comes through like magic.

Magic is what we do. Music is what we play. Love is Everything we are.


"It Took Losin You"
"50's Housewife"
"I Think I Liked It"
"To the Heart"
"Two Soles"