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Shannfab is the live instrument equivalent of a hip-hop & rock mash up. Rock energy with hip hop beats and a unique musical perspective. Shannfab is unrelenting in their live show, projecting the energy of Rage Against The Machine, the lyricism of Outkast, and the drama of Lil' Wayne.


What is a Shannfab?

Shannfab is a mixture of spontaneity and dynamics; at one moment displaying a live mash-up of classic rock and classic hip-hop, and the next moment creating their own stylized marriage of the two. Shannfab oscillates from laid back to energetic, from lounge to metal, with fluidity, while still maintaining a consistancy in their sound that keeps everything as one cohesive unit.

Shannfab is centered around hip-hop emcee Ian "Redeye" MacLeod's lyrical wit and powerful flow. Ian exhibits an innate ability to mix catchy sing-along hooks with poignant memorable rhymes. Bassist/Producer Ted Lundberg brings his broad influences to create Shannfab's unique musical style. His vision for Shannfab is to take an electric guitar perspective on hip-hop music and deliver it through a killer live show. Shannfab is rounded out by Allen Yuill's uncontainable drumming fueled with extensive energy, innovative breaks, and precision timing along with enigmatic guitarist Robert Weaver, known for his flair on stage and balls out thrashing abilities.

Shannfab loves all the fans in their ShannFamily. They believe strongly in what they do and love to share with and learn from other artists, fans, and human beings. They work hard to stay connected with their fans and get as many people involved in their vision for Shannfab as possible.

If you get a chance in your lifetime to see them. Do it. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Barbara Bush
c. 2007


Self Titled (2007) - independent release

Set List

We have one set that can be expanded or reduced to fill any where from 30-60 minutes.

1.) Introduction (original Track)
2.) Champagne (original Track)
3.) Say Uncle (original Track)
4.) Simon Says (Pharaohe Monch Cover)
5.) Cubicle (original track)
6.) Something's Gotta Give (original track)
7.) ATXiens (mash up of Lynrd Skynrd and Outkast)
8.) Bounce (original Track)
9.) Buried Alive (original Track)
10.) Twisted (original Track)