Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

Eclectic American Pop Folk with Celtic and Spanish undertones. As one takes the vocal lead, the other is graciously releasing a harmony that will chime in your ears and your hearts. They will not only lure you in, they will leave you wanting more...


ShAnnie - Shan + Annie = ShAnnie

A duo comprised of Shan Kowert & Annie Acton. They formed in 2005 and released their debut cd in 2007, which received a nomination for Vocal Duo at the 2008 Texas Music Awards.
"Eclectic Americana Folk with Celtic undertones"... that's what some are saying about this duo. Their voices are clean and soothing, and the music is beautifully accompanied by a 12 string accoustic guitar. ShAnnies music is soulful, lyrical and mesmerizing. Annie will capture your eyes with her dramatic passion for each and every song. Someone once said... Annie, when you sing, I believe.
Meanwhile, Shan is crosspicking the twelve strings like nobody else, making it seem like he is playing two guitars. Whether it is Annie or Shan singing at the time, the other voice is floating around in harmony.
It is a fact... the chemistry of these two people will not only lure you in, but keep you wanting more


Driftin' Lost Cowboy

Written By: Annie Acton / Shan Kowert

Driftin’ Lost Cowboy
(An ode to Hank Williams)
Words and Music © 2010
Annie Acton / Shan Kowert

Last night I dreamed that Hank found me
Singin’ a Patsy Cline song
He said “I’m travelin’ down this lonesome lost highway,
And I’s wonderin’ if you’d come along”

Where are you driftin’ lost cowboy?
Where will you take me tonight?
See, I’ve gotta finish this show I’m doin’,
Before they turn out the lights

So, Hank jumped up on stage with his old Gibson
He sang a song so lonesome I could cry
Then he stared at me but for a moment
And I answered back with a sigh, “oh Hank”


A blue Cadillac sat in the driveway
He revved the engine up and I hopped in
And we road along into the sunset
But that my friends, is where this dream will end… that’s right!




Water Over Stones - 2007... Which ShAnnie was nominated for 2008 Texas Music Awards Vocal Duo of the Year, and John Greenberg for producer of the year.
The Station - 2011... New Release!