Shannon and Natalie

Shannon and Natalie

 Manorville, New York, USA

"Combining intricate acoustic jazz intonations with a wholesome folk feel, the twosome generates a pleasing resonance that can sooth even the most frayed of nerves." -Jenett Meriden Russell of The Press of Manorville and the Moriches


It all started way back when Shannon and Natalie were middle-schoolers in a small Long Island town. It was a place where the air was characterized by a faint smell of manure and where the hottest hangout spot was it’s grocery store. However, you wouldn’t find the 7th grade Shannon and Natalie hanging out behind the strip mall. Shannon, who was the only seventh grader around who could play jazz chords on guitar, encouraged her friend from chorus to start playing electric bass. Her friend from chorus was, of course, Natalie. The girls started practicing songs together, and once the band was formed, there was an amazing transformation. Previously known as two girls with the names Shannon and Natalie, they became… (drum roll please)… SHANNON & NATALIE. Instead of hanging out behind the strip mall, they’d be playing for cash in front of the nearest ice cream shop or singing Beach Boys songs to their peers (who’d simultaneously be enthralled and confused as to who the Beach Boys were exactly).
Now, seven years later, these troubadours are still going strong. They progressed from playing open mic nights at the local coffee shop, to booking their own shows all across the state, making their way to famous venues such as The Knitting Factory and The Bitter End in NYC. They started out playing the popular rock covers, steadily branching off into other genres like folk, jazz, and blues, and soon moved on to writing their own songs. Their original songs are what currently hold the attention of listeners, with a sound uniting the modern and old, taking the homegrown feel of folk and adding a playful and hip style to it. In their songs you’ll find tight melodic vocal harmonies, carefully arranged over the instrumentation of guitar and bass (sometimes mandolin and piano), all of which is juxtaposed with quirky lyrics. Basically, at any given performance, audience members are not sure whether to cry (tears of joy, of course), laugh, tilt their heads to the side like confused dogs, or flat out get up and shimmy around the venue. Chances are they will do three out of the four.
Song-writing is done by both members, often Shannon writes the music and Natalie does the lyrics. However, sometimes Shannon writes a complete song, Natalie writes one, they work together on an idea, Natalie proposes a melody, Shannon writes a poem or they just pay someone to do it (joking on that last one).
Temporarily, 300 miles of New York state land have separated the band because the girls are studying at different colleges. They mostly play shows in the winter and summer months, but are completely able and planning on performing around upstate New York during the semester. Despite their distance, they work individually on new and old songs while apart. When they do finally get together, it is like fitting the last piece into a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and some really catchy tunes are produced.

Music video to original song "Afraid of Mike"

Live performance of original song "Monopoly Money"

Cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson"


Afraid of Mike

Written By: Natalie Hughes

They say songs have to have coherence,
chords without interference,
rhythm, rhyme, and a steady time
if you want anyone to hear them

But I'm not one for rules,
even though I'm the quiet girl at school
I'll sit at my desk and look at you,
and doodle out our future

We've got a small house in the country,
a plasma screen, and two kids
a stray dog we names stinky
cause in the house he always is

I'm afraid of the dark, of the night, of the day
I'm afraid to live, to die, I forgive you
I'm just afraid of what I'll say, of what I'll imply, of what you'll figure out about me

Our futures either fact or fiction,
but its stronger than my coffee addiction
call the cops, I think I lost my mind, I think I lost my mind this time

You get home from work late,
sleepin' with the secretary
well she is pretty cute, I guess,
for a girl with a back thats hairy

We don't go to church on sundays,
don't go to church on mondays,
don't go to church on the holidays, so help us god

I'm afraid to commit, to be alone, to admit that your kinda cute
I'm afraid of heights, of planes, of michael meyers
I'm afraid of our future, of our past, of our present
yeah im afraid of our present, buy me a present yeah

Monopoly Money

Written By: Shannon & Natalie

Surround myself with fallacy
But I can't blame, It's all on me
I build up my blocks to knock em down

Those shiny things they blind my eyes
Perfect cut diamonds slice my mind
I'm brainwashed now, they've sucked me in
I'll pay it all, who says materialism's a sin?

Call me rich but I was poor back then
Either way, I don't own the money I spend
It's so easy to forget that it's all pretend
But I will still be crying when my fortune blows away, nothing will keep me from crying

So many prices to be paid, and all my bills are pink and grey
What do you mean you don't accept monopoly money?

I can bat my eyes at you, I can smile real sweet and true, just take my cash and turn the other way
You can turn the other way

Call me rich but I was poor back then
Either way, I don't own the money I spend
It's so easy to forget that it's all pretend
But I will still be crying when my fortune blows away, nothing will keep me from crying

So many prices to be paid
It's all paper anyway
You can trade it back to me someday

So many prices to be paid
and all my bills are pink and grey
What do you mean you don't accept monopoly money?

Chicken on a Mission

Written By: Shannon & Natalie

Why did the chicken cross the road?
He's got nowhere to go.
Hating his life in the coup,
if he goes he's lost, if he stays he's soup,
serve it up, serve it up, soup of the day

Why did the chicken cross the road?
His poultry family all told him no.
Mother hen, mother hen,
even as an egg he was cracked back then,
Should have left him white and yellow.

Chicken on a mission, chicken on a mission.

Why did the chicken even try?
He's a sorry excuse for a bird, can't even fly.
His beaks looking pretty sharp today,
His eyes look a little bit darker today,
Screeching breaks, a beautiful sound.

Feathers flying, feathers flying

Chicken on a mission, chicken on a mission


Laserbeams EP (2010)

Set List

Originals - 1+ Hour Set
Afraid of Mike
Better Weather
Carry On
Losin' Sleep
Monopoly Money
Song of a Girl I knew
As We Are
Chicken on a Mission
That Smirk
Since When
Perfect Man
Time Machine

Covers - 4+ Hours
Typical set list includes: Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Jason Mraz, Van Morrison, Jewel, The Everly Brothers, Etc...