Shannon Beck

Shannon Beck

 Bellevue, Washington, USA

Heart-driven contemporary folk


“I am not waiting on the world to change,”
says Shannon Beck, Seattle performing songwriter. Whether as peace pursuer, poet, or storyteller, Beck’s writing is intentional and from the heart.

In the words of Victory Review/Bill Fisher, “Beck’s willingness to be vulnerable to give of herself, her experience and her feelings bring her lyrics their power… (which) after a few listenings, take on the quality of a friend’s open-hearted conversation.”
“There is a wild, untamed mystery and it’s pulsing through our veins;
It moves us on and it anchors us like a current through the waves;
If we stay on the river bank, we’ll have only ourselves to blame;
Wet or dry, warm or shivering, nothing ever stays the same”
Beck’s music is Heart-driven, contemporary folk. Some songs are tinged with blues or rock, but most are lyrical folk with contemporary sensibilities. In her self-produced debut album, Window Open Wide, Beck engages all of these traditions with some surprises.

Beck has recently become active in the issue of Torture and is increasingly donates her time to human rights work. “I don’t have much room in my life these days for cynicism, says Beck. “It just doesn’t seem to get me anywhere.”

Beck has shared the stage with national musicians Jenn Adams, Joe Jencks, and Kurt Stevenson. Among others, Beck has performed with Seattle award-winning musicians Deb Seymour and Jim Nason. She performs regularly with lead guitarist Don Mills and bassist Chris Owen


Window Open Wide - David Lang Studios 2001

Downloadable songs:
Ruby - Folk
Cafe Junkie - Blues
I'll love you Now - Just sweetness

Traveling With You - Annemarie Russell - backing guitar and vocals