Shannon Eileen

Shannon Eileen


Singer-songwriter, Shannon Eileen, and her 7-piece jazz/rock/soul band, are creating a buzz in the LA music scene. Shannon has been likened to artists, N'Dea Davenport of Brand New Heavies, Sade, Norah Jones, and even a female Sting, but has developed a unique style of her own.



“Shannon Eileen has the charismatic qualities of a motion picture icon, and the diverse musical skills of a genuine superstar. Her debut album, "I'm My Own" is a masterpiece of originality. Shannon Eileen sets the highest standard by which all other independent artists should be measured." -Al Bowman, Founder / Executive Producer of the LA Music Awards.

Shannon Eileen acquired a strong affection for her DynoMike karaoke microphone early on. Little did her parents know that such toy would ignite the singer/songwriter’s dream to inspire and communicate through song. Piano lessons shortly followed, until Shannon received a life-changing birthday present at age 12: private classical voice lessons. Studying with Stephanie Dudash for 5 years at the University of Puget Sound in Washington was one the best things she could have done. These lessons allowed her to master vocal control, breathing techniques, and stage presence.

Her gift led to "Best Soloist" awards in high school jazz competitions and festivals, and earned her a solo on The Gift of Music, an annual televised Christmas special in Washington state. Eventually, Shannon was granted a scholarship to University of Southern California's prestigious School of Music. Eager to leave her hometown, Gig Harbor, Washington, Shannon moved to Los Angeles to pursue her college career. She immediately became a founding member of the award-winning USC Sirens, an all-female a capella group which would become the platform for her success. With the Sirens, Shannon performed around the U.S., recorded solos on three albums with the legendary singer-songwriter / producer extraordinaire, Gabriel Mann at Asylum Studios, and learned to arrange music. Their 2001 album, Surreal, won in every female collegiate category of the CARA (Contemporary A Capella Recording Awards), and one of Shannon’s solos, "Ray of Light" was also featured on the 2001 BOCA CD (Best of College A Capella).

Using a demo of her Sirens solos, Shannon met up with many producers, hoping to collaborate with someone who could help her achieve her goal. After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally found someone with the same musical vision. Independent producer / pro-guitarist, Giampiero Scuderi of IMG Records/Productions, who has performed with some of the greatest names in jazz and rock music throughout Europe, U.S., and South America, and who has appeared on such television appearances on Univision, CBS, ABC and FOX networks, signed Shannon to IMG. They have been writing and recording original songs together for 2 years, looking to eventually secure a record deal.

"It has been a pleasure working with Shannon on our project. It is indeed refreshing to see an Artist who can write, sing, and perform with her level of expression and intensity. Her appreciation and knowledge of various genres of music (from pop/rock to jazz) along with her creativity and willingness to branch out, make it possible to explore and incorporate different angles to the mainstream music market."

Shannon Eileen is breaking the conventions of the current pop genre, as her rich, soulful, jazzy vocals, and thoughtful, honest lyrics, are creating quite a buzz in the Los Angeles music scene. After receiving “Best AAA Album of the Year” from the LA Music Awards, the Department of Defense selected her band to be flown out to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and perform for the thousands of troops and civilians stationed there, receiving an award and praise from the honorable Caption Les McCoy. Additionally, she was selected as a Quarter Finalist in the Radio Star contest sponsored by Sony, / Epic Records, Winterfresh, and Premiere Radio Network. Her interview and her song, "To Walk Away" was aired on Top 40 stations across the nation. She also received the "Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting" by the Great American Song Competition, as her song "Sweet Gravity" was selected as a Top 5 Finalist in the competitive Pop/AAA category. She also won the MakeAStar Song Competition (now in Hall of Fame), and has been receiving airplay on CRI EasyFM 91.5 in China.

Vocally likened to such artists such as N’Dea Davenport of Brand New Heavies, Norah Jones, Sade, and even a female Sting, Shannon and her 7-piece band are currently gathering a large following by playing gigs all over L.A. at well-known clubs such as The Cat Club, The Derby, Hard Rock Café, The Gig, 14 Below, Genghis Cohen, The Joint, and Monsoon Café, to name a few. Keep an eye out for this talented artist on the rise!


To Walk Away

Written By: Shannon Eileen / Giampiero Scuderi


If I walk away today
I could start anew
Forgetting you
And all of the pain

If I leave you I may
Be free of all the rise and fall
Of emotional strain

Anger’s winning
Greed is grinning
Time is spending
Love is dimming


But to walk away
And let go of you
To walk away’d
Be the worst thing I could do

If I had my way today
My selfish side
Would come untied
And override

If I don’t delay
There’d be no one
To hold me from
The rest of my life

Pre Chorus


I’m waiting patiently
For you to stop me like before
Turn me around
Shake my reasons up and down
But not this time
I know the move must be mine

Chorus (x2)

Cause I love
Loving you


Written By: Shannon Eileen / Giampiero Scuderi


This nine to five is who I’m not
An active mind is what I’ve got
My sanity has found me in an entirely wrong spot

This type of lifestyle’s not for me
This convincing smile is what you see
In reality I’m chasing dreams that can’t be caught



Fingerpaint me a story
Where I won’t have to worry
'Bout colors mixing, blurring, bleeding
Off the page
Where simple pleasures please me
A Picasso made easy
Where I can be
The somebody I want to be

Ms. Optimistic’s who I am
But lately I doubt if I can
Continue this path, when I, when I don’t know where I stand

The outsider’s point of view
May seem like fluffy clouds to you
But skies are dark with wind expecting soon



I wanna be the somebody
I need to be the somebody
I wanna be the somebody
I’m to be

I need to be the somebody
I wanna be the somebody
I need to be the somebody
That is me

I wanna be the somebody
I need to be the somebody
I wanna be the somebody
I’m to be

Sweet Gravity

Written By: Shannon Eileen / Giampiero Scuderi


Force of nature
Your power revealed
A might wonder
How you think and feel

Do you ponder
Your strength in this place
How do you choose
The stars out in space

And now I’ve found


Sweet gravity
I give into, give into your pull
Sweet gravity
I surrender, surrender and I fall

You once knew me
Before I had grown
Child who withdrew
Shied from the unknown

And now I’ve tasted
This love on my tongue
Most precious melody
That I’ve ever sung



And he sits there looking back at me in the crowd
And I feel there’s no one else but me
They all disappear
And he tells me silently of his love
And I thank you for bringing him to me
Sweet, sweet gravity

Repeat Chorus


First full-length album:
Shannon Eileen: "I'm My Own"
Released: December 2004

Set List


I'm My Own
To Walk Away
Red Light
Sweet Gravity
Cup of Joe
Come Back
Our Kind
Kiss Me Awake
This Wave

(Usual set length: 45 min. to 1 hour, depending on venue requirements. Can be stretched with covers).


Available upon request.


Also available for acoustic shows.