Shannon Hawley

Shannon Hawley


Shannon Hawley's vulnerable, powerful, and lively performances mesmorize audiences of all ages. She takes the crowd on a journey that does not leave them dissapointed.


Singer and songwriter Shannon Hawley is a passionate and unflinching new artist who explores the mysteries of life with an open, honest heart. Her first album, Out of Deep Dark Holes (recorded in Mendoza, Argentina in spring of 2007), draws heavily on the struggles she and her four younger sisters endured after the death of their father, and also how his absence brought them closer. Hawley uses her hauntingly beautiful voice as a vehicle to explore her own personal quest to transform pain into art, to become "one whole person." Other recurring themes in her music include love, travel, family, and connection to people and places. Her main musical influences include singer/songwriters such as Ani Difranco, Dar Williams, and Natalia Zuckerman, as well as Regina Spektor and Laura Veirs. After graduating from NYU with a Masters in Social Work in 2006, Shannon resolved to more fully pursue her love of singing and songwriting. Her repertoire has grown rapidly ever since. Silly but endearing love song Too Fat to Skateboard, melodic Stuck Inside, and the rousing Jonesy are some of the featured songs on "Out of Deep Dark Holes." Also on the album are collaborations with guitarist Andres Ceccarelli and violinist Rodolfo Castagnolo. But Shannon so far typically plays alone, accompanied by just her acoustic guitar. Her newer, unrecorded songs build on her prior achievements, with a poetic quality reminiscent of Bright Eyes and Neutral Milk Hotel. Hawley is a native of Point Pleasant, New Jersey and currently resides in Ithaca, New York. At present, she's actively seeking performance opportunities.



Written By: Shannon Hawley

It's so good to be here
It's good to be alive
With all of the hope of the future
Moving from inside to the outside
We were just kids through all
the switch backs and dark alleys

There wasn't enough room
in this small town for our tears
So we laughed and laughed and laughed

Now you're driving through
the dirt roads of your dreams and your
kicking up the dirt
your bursting out the seams
of this small town

They had the ocean
It couldn't save the lucky ones
Don't learn the hard way
When to leave and
when to stick around
We were the adults and children
Our parents weren't there
even when they were around

It's alright, when we
we get together
Cause our flames get brighter
Our song gets louder
It's so pretty
growing into something better

I'm drifting sideways
with the flow of the ocean
I've waited so long just
to crash into pieces
I'm all a part of it now
It's all a part of us

Now we're driving
Through the dirt roads of our dreams
And we're kicking up the dirt
We're bursting out the seams
of this small town

It's alright when we
We get together
Our flames get brighter
Our song gets louder
And it's so pretty
growing into something better

Oh, oh, oha
Oh, oh , oha

Stuck Inside

Written By: Shannon Hawley

Stuck inside
I'm trapped inside this skin of mine
And words aren't working much
these days
My head is scrambled eggs and

I'm getting so tire of myself
Wish that I was someone else
I think we're running out of time

I throw this sound into the world
I wonder how far ripples go
Just a girl with a great big heart
Fumbling through this sacred art

Just a girl with a great big heart
I have so much love to give
Won't let myself go to waste with it
Oh, no
Don't go
Oh, no
Don't go

Stuck Inside

Some Dreams of Our Own

Written By: Shannon Hawley

We are a circle and circles are perfect
That's what I thought so that's what I drew
And we carried the dead home, home on our shoulders and we learned a lot on that long journey back ...
We danced on the edges of our parents' nightmares
Then we discovered we had some dreams of our own..of our own

Being brave isn't easy
It's not as easy as it seems
In this big crazy city
Even the rats
They have the courage to come out in the light so I
Guess the big question
The question I'm asking
Can I be brave enough to let out what's inside

what's inside

Oh I know what is real
I know that it hurts so much too
But I'd like to do more
I'd like to do more
I'd like to do more than simply survive so I'll
I'll climb up the path of descedents before me
I'll look out the window and I'll see what's arrived...

what's arrived

It's that
Love is a circle
And circles are perfect
That's I think
So that's what we are and we'll
Carry the dead home,
Home on our shoulders and we'll learn on the long long journy back.

Back to trees

Written By: Shannon Hawley

Back into the trees again
A green that I'd forgot
As the rain falls down so sideways
my mind is flooded thoughts
Just pick a fu--ing direction
and then maybe change your mind
Got some guilt for having freedom
'cause I change it all the time

On this simple quest for meaning
I transformed fear to exhaustion
Now I'm right at the beginning
where the world has just begun

The rain didn't ponder it's existence
and the trees didn't ask where to grow...
So I guess I learned the hard way what the land already knows.

Should I drift into and open bar
Sit down and have a drink
Oh I need a place to sit and be
not a place to think

I've been my own worst enemy
turned some dissapearing tricks
when I mistook generousity
for fear of what i missed

Now my skin it smells like burning flesh, maybe I'll go up in flames..
At least I'll feel alive again, not some empty vase

For someone to put a picked pretty flower in and decorate their home while I just hold the water in.

It's all coming back to me
no matter how I run
Back to trees and green and dirt just like we started from

Yeah it's all coming back to us
no matter how we run
Back to trees and green and dirt just like we started from


Written By: Shannon Hawley

This book's almost over the inks all worn out
Pats on the back all the smiles hide doubt
The sun shines most of the time in your heart
But crows flock on bare trees and walls fall apart
On's what happens...on's what I see

There's two paths before you but one you'd like more
And days pass distractions from outside your door
Oh I see I see you inside all alone
Oh I see you inside of this poem

But I'm sorry for being alive it's not fair
For taking up space and having long hair
'Cause you moved to place with winters as long as your memories
Now you live in a place with teardrops as big as your arteries

That pump all the blood in and out of your parts oh I hear all the beats in and out of your heart.

It's what happens...on land
On Land... it's what happens on land
That's what I hear

But I'm just a mermaid I swim in the sea
So you can't hear me no you can't hear me
I'm just a dream and a bedtime story
Oh to you I'm a faded dream and a bedtime story

But I know you with all of your legs
Oh I see you with all of your vericose veins
Yeah I know you with all of your toes, your nobby knees and all of your pain

It's what happens...on land... it's what I see...
On's what happens on's what I hear

On land you're walking around in circles, on land, your walking around in circles on land, you're walking around in circles...
On Land

Daddy's song

Written By: Shannon Hawley

Just a little boy left
with his brother on the sand
While convulsions of a beauty queen
Went slipping through their hands
Through the backdrop of the chaning tide
Lives had dissappeared
Heartbeats racing rapidly
Until the ambulance it cheered

I will take you home again
I'll get you to the place
Follow all that peaceful light
Run from all the madness that you faced

A family portrait ripped into
A sky torn apart
a vacant father's eyes
with a new stepmother's heart
Took a lifetime to recover
before the anger ate his brain
and turned him into history
repeat itself again, again

I will take you home this time
I'll get you to the place
Follow all that peaceful light
Run, run, run, run run away

All that fighting won the war
Though battles lost left and right
A cancer eating memories
and pain felt in the starless night
When he felt all alone
thought that no one cared
She cradeled him with skinny arms and answered all his prayers...

She said
I will take you home this time
I'll get you to the place
Follow all that peaceful light
And run from all the madness that you faced

Let's be the Moon

Written By: Shannon Hawley

Pendulum Swings but what makes it move
Some say it's hope oh and some say it's doom
What tells the tide to shift oh I say it's the moon
So let's be the moon and shift to hope to sometime soon

Visualize peace and hunger no more
Visualize opportunity knocking all doors
Maybe it's silly oh and maybe it's sad
It's not yet the truth and it's all that I've had

I don't want to stop until we're back to the start
Until Politicians prove that they have a plan and a heart
But it's more than all of us and all of the sum of our parts
So let's build this momentum and not wait for oceans to part

'Cause Religion is something worth not fighting for
And borders are friendly like the neighbor next door
But I am naive so I should keep all of this inside
'Til it rots like the barnacles, just along for the ride

It's easy to say, I know it's so easy to sing
And you'll say life is much more complicated or something
But maybe if I try to let all the dominoes fall
Then someone and someone and someone else will heed the call

'Cause the pendulum swings oh but what makes it move
Some say it's hope oh and some say it's due
What tell's the tide to shift oh I say it's the moon
So lets be the moon and shift to hope too sometime soon...

Everywhere You Go

Written By: Shannon Hawley

Heal me, Love me, Hate me, Shock me
Leave me, Kill me, Show me, Stop me
Wait for me.
You never wait for me.

I've been all around this very tricky world
I've made all types of mixtures and I've seen all types of swirls I'm a stranger here and everywhere I go


I wake up in the morning in someone elses head while I lay on this very, very rocky bed.
I remember the water falling out of your head but it breaks my heart when you start to cry, mistake this place for a prison when the traffic goes by.


The one real truth I see and that I know is everything's a mess
Everywhere you go...

Just push up against me so I feel alive I'm so tired of always being on the outside yeah the one real truth I see and that I know is everyone's a mess, everywhere you go.



Tracks can be heard at

Set List

sets are about 1 hour with a few covers thrown in (i.e. "Me and Bobby Mcgee") Usually beginning with the lighter stuff and slowly getting more serious...

1. Jonesy
2. Secrets
3. Too Fat to Skateboard
4. Mermaid
5. Float, float, swim, swim
6. Daddy's song
7. Some Dreams of our Own
8. Wooden Wings
9. Three hour tour of the Moon
10. Rush the River
11. Back to Trees
12. Let's be the moon