Shannon Labrie

Shannon Labrie

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

A great artist with a soulful, Jazz Infused, poignant voice delivers a message that is both devastating and beautiful. Labrie's substance and tunefulness are special.


Shannon Labrie has been speaking her heart out on guitar and piano for the past fourteen years and from the sound of it, she won’t be shutting up anytime soon. After sowing her wild oats and moving across the country a few times, she is finally calling Nashville, TN home. Since her move to Music City, Shannon, has kept heads turning at the sound of her sultry smooth voice and rare musical touch. “She is by far one of the sexist guitarists we’ve ever seen or heard,” raves her producers who have known her for the past four years and counting.

Her new EP entitled “Shannon Labrie,” has five songs that are goose bump worthy. Her lyrical content hints at artists such as Bob Dylan and James Morrison. If that weren’t enough already, her voice sings with a Lauren Hill type of R&B. Her songs will make you want to hang with the gospel choir while smoking a long cigarette. Her soulfulness, deep emotion and honesty will invite you into a place where you can be yourself, ask questions, and hope for something more.

Shannon has been a full time independent songwriter, not only in her own style but also in Country and Pop. In the past two years Shannon has had her music placed on several TV shows and continues to have her songs on hold for charting artists. There is no doubt that Shannon Labrie’s career is just getting started and her new EP is an incredible window into what she is capable of.


Shannon Labrie E.P.