Shannon Lee Briggs

Shannon Lee Briggs


Shannon Lee Briggs makes music that will break Nashville’s heart and then break its knees. Hailed as "wonderfully trashy alt-country '' by Now Magazine.


Shannon Lee Briggs makes music that will break your heart, bust your balls, and leave you wondering what the hell happened when you wake up the next morning. Armed with a Cadillac-sized guitar, a disarmingly powerful voice, and a huge personality to match, the 22 year old farm raised girl has been bringing unbridled energy to Toronto stages, winning over audiences, journalists, and making fans out of some Canada’s finest musicians. My songs are a lot like muscle cars, they’re nice and pretty on the outside but theres definitely a lot of horsepower going on under the hood, laughs Briggs.

Fresh from the studio with producer Moe Berg (the Pursuit of Happiness) and Juno winning engineer Laurence Currie (Sloan, The Gandharvas), Briggs is poised to release her full length debut “Carnation” which features help from Canada’s foremost musicians including Jim Cuddy, Sarah Slean, and Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Wilco). I was lucky to work with a group of people who were able to become so committed to something I felt was such a personal project. Having the talent of artists I’ve respected my entire life involved in the record brought me even closer to the songs”

As a relative new comer to Toronto, Briggs spent the majority of her childhood working long days handling wheelbarrows on a King City horse farm. Surprisingly, the static laden radio in the stable proved to be her most inspiring musical influence. The little, red boombox would pick up a million different stations a day, so I was constantly bouncing from genre to genre. One minute it was Lucinda Williams, the next it was Led Zeppelin, that kind of musical joyride makes you concentrate on songs rather than trends. She points to performers who say it like they mean it referring to the unapologetic passion that allowed musicians like Tom Petty and Emmylou Harris to develop devoted fans and lifelong careers. On stage, the sarcastic songstress exhibits an old soul, limitless energy and maintains a remarkably seasoned chemistry with her audience. With a voice that his been compared to Sheryl Crow and Linda Ronstadt, coupled with emotional, inviting songs about small town scandal, regretful lamentation, and epiphany, Briggs is successfully bringing the spirit of the heartland to the city. “Everybody’s got some roots in them, and I just try to bring them back home”.


2006 "...Like A Country Rose"

Set List

We typically play for about 40-45 minutes, but we could go forever!!
1.St. Mary's Cathedral
2.Stay Inside
3.The Cold
4. Lay Awake
5. 'Til Tomorrow
6. It Take One To Know One
7. Muskoka
8. Goodbye
Cover- Hickory Wind-Gram Parsons