Shannon McClung

Shannon McClung


Singer-songwriter Shannon McClung is a versatile and accomplished songsman, performer, and recording artist. Comfortable and experienced in writing, jamming, and promotional arenas, he is a jem shining in a field of stones and dirt. Uncover this one for yourself.


Born and raised in the Memphis area, Shannon grew up on the Blues, Gospel, and Southern Rock. His college years were in Florida's DIY scenes (Ska, Funk, Reggae, Drum n' Bass, Indie, Pop-Punk). Shannon has spent the past few years being a NYC singer/songwriter and is now looking to Nashville to be his next Mecca. Shannon's bands have opened for many greats such as: The Skatallites, Run-DMC, G-Love, String Cheese Incident, The Roots, and even the Legendary James Brown. His style now incorporates all his influences and could be compared to Sublime, Ben Harper, weezer, or even Beck. He offers dozens of great songs, musicianship, and hard work. Contact Shannon today and let him know how he could be a part of your future endeavors!


53rd & Shea Blvd.

Written By: Shannon McClung

(1st verse)
53rd & Shea Blvd.
She must have been getting the news.
Her hair was shorter than I had imagined adrift in the face of the moon.
I've been dying in a darkened drone hole,
the light of which has been removed.
Her eyes told me she loved him much more.
I fell to the floor unglued.
I've been alone with what you like.
Yes, I've been alone with you.
I've been hated, scolded, and jaded.
Beholding you.
(2nd verse)
That same evening I blew up her phone.
The rings must've shattered the walls.
Over and over I called her again.
But nobody answered the calls.
I remember the day we were married the succulant thrill of it all.
But now she's gone,
and our love is cold.
I wish I'd prepared for the fall.
(repeat chorus)
(3rd verse)
The barrel was warm I had held it so long.
I was shivering cold.
OPn the way out I filed for forgiveness for all the poor souls that I rooled.
The life of a mad man it flashed before my eyes.
Gracie, she helped me along.
Stones in the river, father forgive her,
And dont let her die alone.
(repeat chorus)


"Timber on the Candyland Causeway" Summer 2007 independent release

"Orangeman's Pearl Dragon Odyssey" Summer 2005 independent release

"One Drop" w/ One Drop 2001 independent release

"Core Sample" w/ The Collection 2000 independent release

"Permagrin" w/ The Warm Fuzzies 1997 independent release

Set List

This was my setlist at an outdoor concert in Hot Springs, AR this Memorial Day

Baba o' Riley (the Who)
Before She Cries
My Love
American Girl (Tom Petty)
Day After Day
I'll Be Here for You
Something Green
Wicked Way
Vernie (Blind Melon)
The Rain King (Counting Crows)
(improvisational jam and freestyle)
Gallows Pole (Led Zepplin)
53rd and Shea Blvd.
King for a Day (Thompson Twins)