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Shannon Norwood

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Band Comedy


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The best kept secret in music


"Self-Esteem Workshop, Video"

Motivational speaker and morning show news producer, Shannon Norwood put together this story profiling a past workshop held in Northeast Florida. Check out the following video web link: - WJXT-TV, The Morning Show

"Column in - Feb. 2010 Newsletter"

I sat on the edge of my seat Grammy night to witness the tribute planned for the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But, I also wanted to see my secret celebrity crush who happens to be a girl! It's no secret some women have girl crushes. These are females they platonically admire. My crush happens to be one of the most famous, most beautiful women in the world. She's so big she only needs to go by one name...Beyonce! When they called her name the lights were off in the audience. Then came the spotlight and there she was standing in the aisle, just stunning! Her hair, her teeth and skin were so perfect. Her outfit was amazing. It was a black, short little number that showed off her curvy, trim figure. But, when it comes to "Sasha Fierce," it's not only about her looks. This chick has the whole package. Beyonce is a talented, smart business woman and very wealthy. It's hard not to be drawn to that and even harder not to compare yourself to her.

I know that as a grown woman if I struggle with this, our young girls certainly do. Kids are bombarded with images of seemingly flawless women on music videos, inside magazines and in movies. And let's talk about the weight issue. Children in this country are struggling with obesity at such an alarming rate. It's no wonder they feel the pressure to be thin and beautiful. According to a 2008 study by "Real Girls, Real Pressure," 7 out of 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance in school and relationships. Is the media to blame for this? Sure, there’s some valid finger pointing to be had in that direction. But, just as other important lessons are learned and developed in the home, so too should building better self-esteem and self-body image. The old adage that everything starts at home rings true in this area, as well.

The study also reveals the top wish among all girls is for their parents to communicate better with them. Parents, tune into your kids by finding out what's happening in their everyday lives. Ask how they feel about themselves. Tell them they're pretty, gifted, creative...whatever you can to uplift and encourage them. It's not about trying to become someone else. I love Beyonce, but I'm much better being the best Shannon I can be! - Shannon Norwood


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Born to a military father and spiritually grounded mother, Shannon Norwood’s parents separated when she was 8 years old. From that moment her mother, Shirley was faced with the daunting task of caring for three children on her own. Because of the overwhelming feeling of abandonment by her husband and financial struggles, Shirley turned to drugs and alcohol. Years of substance abuse soon resulted in Shannon's legal separation from her mother.

At 11 years old, Shannon was placed into relative care by the state with her aunt in Bradford County, Florida. After a couple of years, she was reunited with her mother. Shannon continued doing exceptionally well in school and became an active volunteer in her community. "I knew early on the bad things that were happening to me didn't have to define who I was and wanted to be in life. I prayed and kept the faith that one day I would go on to do great things despite my past," says Shannon.

While in grade school, she was a member of Clay County's School Community Action Team (S/CAT), an organization dedicated to youth leadership and keeping kids off drugs and alcohol. During the summers she served as a camp counselor with the Northeast Florida Teen Institute. Shannon was also a mentor in her neighborhood serving with The Hilltop Heritage Development Corporation. In 1996, the Clay County Chapter of the NAACP honored Shannon with their community service award. On hand for the presentation was future State Representative Jennifer Carroll.

It was through the Hilltop Heritage organization Shannon first took up public speaking, sharing personal accounts of her challenging childhood. In 1999 after graduating high school, she enrolled at the University of Florida, where she majored in Telecommunication News. In 2003, she obtained her B.S. degree and returned to Northeast Florida.

Shannon was hired by Channel 4, The Local Station in Jacksonville six months after graduating. "It was such a dream come true for me! I grew up watching many of the anchors, who I now work alongside. It's pretty amazing,” she says. Shannon produces the 8 o'clock hour of The Morning Show, where she's responsible for writing the newscast, booking guests for feature segments and staying on top of what's current. In her spare time, she speaks to various groups and holds workshops on goal-setting and building better self-esteem. She says, "My mission is to spread the message of perseverance and determination. Over the years I've learned we can't control what happens to us, but we can control our reaction. I choose to react in a way that makes a difference."