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The best kept secret in music


"One's Experience"

I find Shannon Rae to be engaging, compassionate, in control and yet flexible, and relaxed. Her sense of humor shines through as well as her light :) She’s very professional and yet totally approachable and open. She seems to grow in stature filling up the dais with her presence, without being forceful or overbearing. There is a sense of strength about her, as well as enough human vulnerability to put her audience at ease. Speaking seems to "suit" her or "fit" her well...

In fact, Shannon’s presentations have been riveting, professional and very insightfully done. It appears to me that nothing else could be more appropriate than what she’s put together. It is obvious she puts her heart and soul into her presentations and that she spends time in her viewers shoes, so to speak, when building the presentation. The productions evoke great emotion.

Working with Shannon Rae one on one I find her questioning to be very attentive and probing. She has a knack for getting to the core issue and doing so efficiently. She listens completely and rarely does something she "think" I said need to be clarified when it’s echo back to me through her. Working with her system has helped me quickly, and somewhat painlessly, get to the "meat" of what it is I need to do/know.
- Leslie Fisher, CEO of Useful Art

"Featured Article"

Publisher Deborah Koppel Mitchell raves about this author and speaker. She featured a custom article from Shannon Rae's book 'Kaleidoscope' called "Yes, He Blew Ice. . .One Woman's Journey to Truth."

Please email us directly for a copy of the article in print. - Spheres Women's Circle Publications

"Featured In. . ."

These are just some of the publications ShannonRae, and several of her events, have been featured in. - Natural Awakenings, Metropolitan, Spheres Women's Circles

"Corporate Praise for ShannonRae"

"Several of Wackenhut's largest national account customers have complex security emergency response programs and are working to provide greater support to our first responders with facility mapping software as provided by one of her clients. Shannon Alvarez is our contact and I asked her to educate our National Account Managers on the solutions offered, as well as meet with several of our top customers. I've seen Shannon speak publically to our management team, and because of her professional and concise delivery I'm very comfortable with her meeting and presenting to our top customers. Shannon's skills speak well of her client, and speak well of Wackenhut's efforts to add value to our customers."

Robert Burns

Senior Vice President - Sales and Operations
The Wackenhut Corporation

“Your positive energy in your inner body is overflowing, ready to provide light to others in the dark.”

Tony Mendez
Corporate Director of Loss Prevention
Hilton Grand Vacations Club

"I have had the great honor of hearing Shannon Alvarez speak at various coaching presentations for small groups of executives. Shannon has a unique ability of intuiting the words that should be spoken in order to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations."

Francesca San Diego
CEO Quest Business Consulting

"Shannon is easy to listen to. Her tone of voice held me interested in the topic at hand. She is polite in nature and professional in appearance. She gleems with confidence and the results proved it."

Scott Hawley
Director of Security
Circus, Circus
An MGM Mandalay Bay Resorts Property

"I have heard Shannon speak in both large & small settings. Shannon comes across as confident and passionate in her work. She is concise and does not add "fluff" to a conversation. I find her communication skills to be superior. Overall she has a very pleasant demeanor and seems well suited to public speaking."

Robert Toon, CLSD
Director, Risk Management
Swissôtel Chicago

“I recently retired from a 25 year career as special agent with the United States Secret Service.

I first met Shannon Alvarez when she made a presentation to the Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association in Las Vegas in 2006. I was immediately impressed with her demeanor and confidence as she addressed the group.

Shannon’s likeability and enthusiastic personality immediately puts her audience at ease and allows her to deliver her message in a clear and concise manner.

Ms. Alvarez plays a critical role with a current client. She travels extensively and speaks to groups large and small with equal success. Her candor increases her credibility, her subject matter expertise increases her effectiveness, and her dedication to duty increases her respectability.

Please do no hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have as to my very high regard for Ms. Alvarez’s extraordinary competencies and abilities.”


Paul E. Masto
The Masto Group

“Shannon you were sensational! I have been on the phone all day with my friends from Las Vegas who had the pleasure to meet and hear you speak at the conference. I am delighted to add my name to the list of your admirers, I am sure we could start a Shannon Alvarez fan club here in Anaheim.”

Sergeant James Wilkes

“Shannon's charm grabs your attention, but it's her smart, concise delivery that holds your attention.
Shannon's presentation skills will benefit any conference or meeting."

Dave Wiggins
Former President of the California Tourism Safety and Security Association

“Again, very good presentation. There's no way I could cover as much
information as you did and not fumble one word...”

David Lane
Wackenhut Corporation
General Manager Tulsa, OK

"Her professional direction, support and confidence gave me what I needed to develop a new successful outside sales department. I enthusiastically walked into Shannon's office with a great idea, little sales experience and a rough plan. She provided me the tools I needed to develop this plan enough to present it to the executive committee. It was approved. Shannon, identifying the importance of a new sales force and improved systems, coached and coordinated both inside and outside sales departments, hiring new sales management and fulfillment teams. In Q2-02 I had achieved 190% of our quota!"

Leilani Silva,
Stratecic Accounts Manager
IDEA Health and Fitness Association

"The capacity for innovation is an essential quality for success in the new millennium for any company doing business in today's economic climate.

As a consultant, I have worked with Shannon Alvarez on an innovative organizational development product that allowed our mutual client to expand horizons and promote positive change in the corporate culture while increasing profits and enhancing employee retention.

In a "ripple effect" from the CEO's leadership training, I person - Corproations

"Attendee and Individual Praise for ShannonRae"

“It seemed as with every sentence an unlayering occured that I was not consciously aware of in the moment. I found my self with tears rolling down my face with the feeling that someone had pierced my heart.... with a dagger of love. I realized then she was speaking to my soul.”

Owner – Soul Touch Foundation

Shannon Alvarez radiates a brilliant light! She knows
exactly what is needed to ignite the fire in you to
Proceed to Succeed. Shannon's Spirit Is Rich and

~Goddess Butterfly
Founder and Owner of GoddessDevaBitch Inc.

"Two excited, laughing women entered: Shannon and Uzuri, and I knew immediately: I was in the right place. Thank you for a wonderful Seminar in which you both empowered my womanhood!"

Ceilja Kieft
The Life Learners School

"Wow! A beautiful place, a heavenly communion of women! A place for connection, inspiration, empowerment, growth. Love abounds in abundance. It is not possible to walk away without being touched, unless that's what you choose.

Shannon Alvarez is a captivating speaker! Why, because she knows her stuff and she does so with passion! She speaks with clarity and confidence and throws in her great sense of humor at just the right time! I always look forward to listening to and learning from Shannon because I know I will walk away full!"

Brenda Norwood
Independent Business Owner

“Shannon has a smile that can brighten up any room. That smile comes through as she speaks, and she engages every person in the room. I really enjoy listening to her, and feeling the passion in what she is sharing. Shannon is great at what she does and I encourage everyone to come to her awesome events.”

Jamie Gruel
Small Business Owner

"Thank you so very much. You both are so sweet to be helping out women in all walks of life. What a breath of fresh air to dynamically express who you are and teach through example of that creativity.

Las Vegas is truly blessed to have such authentic pioneers as you."

Love and Peace,
Healer, Professor and Business Owner

"Your events are phenomenal! I commend you for giving women an open forum to share experiences and support each other in a world that tries very hard to break us down.

You events provide a safe environment for women to nurture healthy female to female relations and network all under one roof. Your helping create community!"

Patrina McDonald
Back Alley Productions
Singer and Song Writer

"Thanks again. You have helped me so much, and I am truly grateful. Your inspiration has/will change my life. I swear, you are the angel guide I've been praying for."

Patty Wells Rodriguez

- Attendees, Individuals, Small Business Owners

"Press Release - 'Kaleidoscope' is Published!"


As spoken by the wild acclaim for this first time author’s debut piece – ‘Kaleidoscope’ – there is nothing left to do but experience the truth yourself! Her powerful, poetic wisdom flows from her life, through her pen and into our hearts.

Kaleidoscope is one woman’s naked and intimate story of how she claimed and lived her power, the truth of her essence. A power revealed in the eyes of the relationships she found herself in - from a drug addicted, diagnosed bi-polar husband to corporations, clients and friends alike - simply because she refused to look into her own.

She teaches us through her shared vulnerability, a satiable pain and joy, how we will find our power one way or another. We can choose to see the truth through our own eyes, or life will bring it to us through the eyes of those that surround us. As she states, “The truth is the truth; eyes open or closed.”

This riveting personal story lures you into a literal merging of your own power, showing you how to live it in your everyday experiences. Its infectious nature is converging us all, cell by cell…

“The truth is: You already are all you need to be, right where you are. Get ready to shift your Kaleidoscope, unlearning everything you learned in order to remember everything you already know. Shift. . . Shift. . .” She says.

Flowing like an ancient poet, speaking with the conviction of a street preacher and the intellect of a university economist she will engage you in a story that began as her own and ended as ours.
This first time story teller’s wisdom comes alive in her pages with her inspiring magneticism. As you turn the pages, your own emotion becomes palpable through the expression of hers, until you’re not sure which is which.

We recommend you begin on page one, and end on your own.

- The Power Integration Center


The following are published works by ShannonRae:

'Your Center, Your Power'

Each can be purchased at or any major book retailer in May 2007.

For early reviews please request a manuscript.




No matter how you connect with this woman, transmutation will occur, creating exponential results in your life and business!

The Power Integration Center has enabled her to integrate the three major themes in her life; business success, healing and people. Her undergraduate degree in Human Development, graduate degree in Organizational Effectiveness and most importantly, intuition about people, enable her to support individuals and organizations in achieving their greatest potential, rooted in their core essence. She combines this with 10+ years of successful business experience and a connection to Spirit, creating unprecedented productivity improvements for her clients and/or their companies.

Shannon has published the books, 'Kaleidoscope' and 'Your Center, Your Power', along with several products for business and personal growth. She has co-founded, and is currently the CEO of the Power Integration Center, a community where people connect to peace, power and passion. It’s mission is to create planetary peace by raising people’s individual personal power and then connecting them through grass roots communities!

Speaking on business, empowerment and spiritual issues, Shannon will guide you to create consistent, conscious results grounded in your core essence. She has created results from clarity of purpose, passionate meaning and fulfillment for small independent business owners, to 800% revenue growth in six months for multi million dollar businesses. She speaks with, guides and works with businesses, individuals and large groups of people who are RAW: Ready, Accepting, and Willing to live who they already are!

People walk away wondering how a woman at such an age and size can inspire so much power, creating such grand results in others, organizations and herself. Shannon means small and wise. She is wise enough to know time and space are only limitations if we choose them to be.