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When you

Written By: Shannon Seiver

I come home to a home that I made
I come home to sweet babies I love
Surrounded by memories of what was once us
But love just ain’t love without trust.
And trust is just one of those treasures
That you just don’t know how to give
Always makin’ me feel so un-worth it
You drove me right on into him.
So now…

When you try
It only makes me run farther
When you cry
I don’t feel sorrow anymore
When you lie
You just make me wanna hurt you
And I’m dying to send you out that door.

There once was a time
Your soul intertwined with mine
We were happy and so much in love.
Then one day it all changed,
You crossed the lines,
Tried to go back,
But eventually I had to give up.

There will come a day
You won’t miss my face
A new love will fill up your heart.
You’ll forget about us as you’re falling in love
Everyone deserves a new happy start.
And then…

When you try
She’ll see you as a treasure
When you cry
She’ll hold you like I once did
When you lie
She’ll forgive all your troubles
And you’ll remember what love is again.

What you gotta do

Written By: Shannon Seiver

I gave you all I could
Only to see it thrown back at me
Holding on to the fragments I could
Smiling thru all the misery

The words you wasted in breath
The thoughts you faked each day
I pretended it was all a bad dream
And one day you’d see it my way

But that’s all done now
Can’t fake another smile
Can’t be afraid of ‘what ifs’
I’ll be fine in just a little while.

So go ahead…
Walk out that door
You do what you gotta do
Nevermind the tears in my eyes
Not like it’s ever been that true.

Then on your way out you turn to say
What a waste of time I’ve been
Forgetting all I’ve done for you
Sacrificing life & limb.

But that’s ok, I see it now
So clear, defined, and new
Be glad I’m not the kind of girl
Who’d do this shit to you.

I’m tired of this game
I’m not that afraid anymore
You will not scar this heart of mine
Another I will adore.

So go on now…
Walk out that door
You do what you gotta do
Don’t you see there’s no tears in my eyes
And I’ve let go of you?

Timeshare in hell

Written By: Shannon Seiver

He looked so sweet all smilin’ and tan
Never even noticed the bed in the back of that van
The drinks started flowin’
He swept me away
Never saw it comin’
Never saw him after that day.
I was such a fool…

Oh, it ain’t that bad, but I paid the price
I have to admit, that brochure sure looked nice
Lured by lies spoken so well
To my little hot piece of heaven-
My timeshare in hell.

I couldn’t help but notice her cryin’ at the bar
So I bought her a drink and said, “damn girl, what you cryin’ fer?”
She laughed and we talked, became fast friends
But that all came slammin’ to a screeching end
That crazy girl went down in flames
And the friendship just could never be the same
Had to run as fast as I could…
To my little timeshare in hell.

It sure wasn’t the first
Damn sure won’t be the last
My heart will get me in trouble
Just as it’s done in the past.
But I’ve always got a place
Where friends know my name
We’ll laugh at each other’s misery
And try to put out them flames
At least we’ve got each other…

Oh, it really ain’t that bad, but I’ve paid the price
I have to admit, that brochure even still looks nice
Lured by lies spoken so well
I always return for a visit-
To my little timeshare in hell.

Is it enough?

Written By: Shannon Seiver

I found myself living…
Under a rainbow of misery
Pretending all was peachy
Tears filling up the inside of me.

Making mistakes that left me drowning,
Lying to those who know me best.
Becoming someone I don’t like much
Settling for nothing and even less.

I wanted something else, but wondered…

Is it enough for me?
To just live my life
Is it enough for me?
To be who I need to be
Is it enough for me?
To not hide in my own shadows
And see all that I need to see.

But after thinking it all over
Looking at my heart lying on the floor
I found myself so angry
And none of it mattered anymore.

So I picked up that suitcase
Packed up all of “my damn shoes”
Realized if I stayed on much longer
It was me I was about to lose.

But I still thought…

Is it enough for me?
I just wanna live my life
Is it enough for me?
I wanna be who I need to be
Is it enough for me?
I’m sick of hiding in my shadows
And I think I’ve seen all I need to see.

I’ll live my life
I’ll be myself
May change my mind
More than anyone else
But I think I finally see that it’s you
That just ain’t enough for me.

And then I found myself living…