Shannon Tower Band

Shannon Tower Band

 Portland, Oregon, USA

An acoustic jam band set apart by haunting lyrics and dynamically talented musicians.


Shannon Tower
is a singer, songwriter and guitarist with her own unique style of music that crosses between alternative and folk. With her unique vocal style and writing abilities, her songs are both haunting and energetic. Her message is as much politically relevant as it is personal. Shannon Tower was raised in Eugene, Oregon, where at the young age of nine she performed her first solo at a school concert. When she saw the tears in the eyes of many audience members during her performance, she knew at that moment the stage was her home. Ever since she was a little girl she used a journal to write down her deepest thoughts and feelings. As she approached her high school years she realized her power to communicate intimate thoughts and ideas was through her ability to write. She left home at eighteen and moved to New York to explore and find her voice and after two years moved to Portland, Oregon. Self taught guitarist since the age of 23, Shannon started to combine her talent for lyrical poetry with songs composed on her guitar. Using a unique rhythmic pulse of the music, her unorthodox playing technique appears both fluid and percussive. Shannon writes about many of life’s situations, these include the Iraq war in her song “POWER PLAY”. Homelessness, poverty and the real consequences that are incurred in her song “THINK ABOUT IT”. “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” is a song that stems from personal experience with a mothers abusive behavior and neglect. Music has always been apart of Shannon’s life. Such artists as Bob Dylan…Joni Mitchell…Paul Simon…Peter Gabriel…Natalie Merchant and Ani Difranco have influenced her. Shannon Tower has been playing music in the Portland area for years with a variety of different musicians. In 2004 she met lead guitarist Grant Warrens, who later introduced her to electric violinist Jeff Sullivan.

Grant Warrens
has played in bands in California, where he grew up, as well as in Texas, Japan, and now with Shannon Tower Band in Portland. Primarily a lead guitarist, he also writes music, and regularly co-writes with Shannon and the other band members.

Jeff Sullivan
was born in the San Fernando City Hospital and grew up in Los Angeles. He studied music and violin until the age of twenty. He began to improvise and played with local musicians forming a band in 1985. He briefly died in 1987, and returned to life as a struggling but dedicated musician. He's worked with many artists in the studio and on stage. Bands include Sex and Violins, Baghdad Nadsat (Eye of Newt), Brand New World, Leonard’s Bag, Ron Kat & the Soul Disciples, Jon T Howard Band and Melissa Flannigan. His influences are Hendrix, Floyd, Pretty Things, Zappa, Bowie, Beatles, Crimson and all the great electric violinists: Pappa John Creach, Don Harris (Sugarcane), David Cross, Jerry Goodman, Jean Luc Ponty, and Stephanne Grappelli.

Joe Day
Joe's earliest musical influence was his uncle Danny, whose 8-track collection of classic rock chestnuts Joe inherited at age seven, at the dawn of the cassette age. One of Joe's few regrets is that he didn't grow up to be Gene Simmons. But he did pick up the guitar around age thirteen and the bass at sixteen, all the while polishing his singing skills as a choir geek in middle and high school. Shortly after college, where he earned a degree in jazz studies and arranging, his flirtation with the drums developed into a full blown addiction, and drums have been his primary instrument ever since. As much as he loves exploring new sounds on the kit or just plain old going off, nothing makes him happier than shaping a song from behind the drums.

Paul Seer
Was born at 2 a.m. in a Chevy pickup traveling about 65 mph. His first year was spent in a trailer park by the railroad tracks. His mother was a German immigrant, and his father was from Texas. Some people hear voices: Since a young child, Paul has always heard music. He grew up listening to The Stones, The Beatles, and Beethoven. He plays bass, keyboard, and guitar, and performed for years in an afro-Cuban hand percussion ensemble. Composing and recording music continues to be an avocation which brings him great joy. His hero's are Apollo, Mary Magdalene, and working class people everywhere.


Think About It

Written By: Shannon Tower


Imagine life
In a different place
Different time different space
I guess it’s hard to
Imagine this life any other way

Life is a vessel that consumes us
And it is at this moment
I realize the state of illusion
Everyone is in
I want to ask what’s so wrong with the world
But I know yes I know
I don’t have enough time to hear my own reply
And just then I die

I look back on childhood and
Wish I knew
The pain and lies
You put us through
I wish I could say it was all for something
You know anything would do
But the truth is
We can’t handle the truth
For the truth is we can’t
Handle the truth
Instead we put on our
Rosy colored glasses
And pretend everything is ok
Refusing to look at the neighbors
Who beat their children every day
Ignoring the homeless man
Who digs in the garbage
For some half chewed sandwich
That another rich man
Couldn’t find the time
And this is where I say
Kudos to all of you to all of you
Who feed into the game
Let’s hold up our cups and toast
Never know you’re insane
Kudos to all of you to all of you
Who feed into the game
Let’s hold up our cups and toast
Never know you’re insane

So imagine life
In a different place
Different time different space


Written By: Shannon Tower


Sometimes I feel
Like a façade
Of what I want people to see
Never showing all
Never feeling free
It’s not to say I’m fake
But maybe not so real
But to myself I play a role
And know how much I feel

I wear all these different mask
Each one suiting me perfectly
Depending on the day
And depending on who
You chose to see
After all we’re puppets
Playing a role most don’t see
With the yes sir, no sir
Until we cut their strings


I don’t want to be
Controlled in your game
I need to stand tall and
Take the gain…of
Self worth and confidence
Done with incompetence
Again and again and again

But don’t forget what’s real
With how you feel
For the person standing before you
Is your meal ticket deal
Will you ever learn
To appreciate who we are
Or will you decide to take it
Too far
Are you too blind
That you can’t see
I’ll never be
Just the next big thing


I don’t want to be
Controlled in your game
I need to stand tall
And take the gain…of
Self worth and confidence
Done with incompetence
Again and again and again

Make A Change

Written By: Shannon Tower


A great fellow once said
The time is right to do what is right
And as this plays in my mind
I wonder why most of us don’t even try
Cause life is about lessons
And what we take from the sessions
Long and hard as it may be you know
It’s worth the repercussions
And this is where I’ll be
Standing in between


It’s time to wake up
Take off the make up and listen
Listen to the sound in another
Liar’s voice
As they tell us what they think
We want to hear
As though we don’t have a choice
So stand up and shout
Maybe even a whisper will do
Just make sure your voice
Is heard before you are threw
Before you are threw


Cause this is me and I’m singing
For a chance at a better place
And I hope and I hope
That the world can make a change

So now it appears to me
That my world is full of hate and misery
And I wonder does it take all this and more to be free
And if we learn from anything let it be
From our own mistakes
And just then I ask
Do we have what it takes?
Do we have what it takes?


Cause this is me and I’m singing
For a chance at a better place
And I hope and I hope
That I can make a change


First studio album "For what it's worth" was recorded @ West slope studios 2008 by Chief Engineer and producer Douglas DeRouchie.

Set List

Original songs on the set list include:

Drunken state
Just like you
24 Seconds
But did you know
Lost girl
Night stars
Concrete cell
Make a change
Such men
I can't believe
Think about it
Bad cycles
Quick fix solution
Karlee song
What it's worth

and a whole lot more!!!