Shan Qi

Shan Qi


Shan Qi merges musical talents from China, Italy and Norway creating a unique contemporary sound. Shan Qi concert appeals to a wide audience going from melodic songs to avantgarde contemporary pieces. Shan Qi is music from the contemporary world, merging asian and european culture.


Shan Qi means "Mountain Energy" and it is a project blending music and inspiration from China, Italy and Norway.

GUO YUE is well known in the music world for the soaring beauty and descriptive poetry of his Chinese bamboo flutes. Made from the simplest of natural materials, cut from the forests of the Sichuan Province, the sound is created by a tiny translucent paper taken from inside the bamboo, which covers one hole on the flute and vibrates with the movement of breath. Both fragile and powerful, it is a sound that can traverse mountains and touch the soul.
Guo Yue has recorded several cds in Europe for Real World as "Yuan" (as "Guo Brothers", "Trisàn" with Joji Hirota and Pal Brennan from Clannad and "Music Food and Love").
His biography, also titled "Music food and Love" has made him known to a wider audience due to his memoirs in China during the Cultural Revolution.
He has also worked on soundtracks as oscar winning "The Last Emperor" and "The Killing Fields".

GIOVANNI AMIGHETTI started his musical career in late eighties playing with Fondamenta and Area drummer Giulio Capiozzo. In nineties became very interested in world music and worked as producer and musician with various artists: Terem Quartet, Ayub Ogada, Vladimir Denissenkov, Guo Yue, etc...
His compositions merge classical roots with contemporary avantgarde and world music, as it is possible to hear in “La voce del mondo” with Tiziana Ghiglioni and musicians from Mari Boine Band and “Shan Qi” with Guo Yue.

Giovanni Amighetti was born in Parma, Italy, on 21st February 1971.
He studies classical piano and begins playing with avan-garde band Fondamenta in late eighties.
With the world music boom he starts promoting in Italy some of Real World artists.
His first world music cd production is “No, Russia cannot be perceived by wit” by Terem Quartet, realized for Schott Musik/Intuition in 1998.
Then he works artistically in many studio and live projects, often collaborating with musicians from Mari Boine Band (Gjermund Silset, Helge Norbakken, Roger Ludvigsen).
To be reminded among others:
“Salimie” with Ayub Ogada
“La voce del mondo” with Tiziana Ghiglioni
“Anastasia” with Vladimir Denissenkov
He is also engaged in multimedia productions merging music and interactive digital media.

WU FEI is a composer / performer / vocalist from Beijing, China;
who began her music journey on the ancient Chinese stringed instrument called guzheng at the age of 6. She studied
composition at the China Conservatory of
Music and holds a Masters in Composi-
tion from Mills College (U.S.).
Internationally renowned artists and en-
sembles have performed Wu Fei’s com-
positions in Beijing, London, Taipei, New
York City, Venice, and San Francisco.
As a commissioned composer for Per-
cussions Claviers de Lyon (France), Wu
Fei's new composition "SHE HUO" pre-
miered in the Forbidden City Concert Hall
in Beijing in April 2007; she also accom-
panied PCL for this new work. Wu Fei has
been a composition grant recipient from
Meet the Composer (NYC) as well as a
commissioned composer for Melody of
China (San Francisco).
Wu Fei has collaborated with composers/
performers such as Alvin Curran, Fred
Frith, Carla Kihlstedt, Joelle Leandre,
Meredith Monk, Ikue Mori, Pauline Olive-
ros, Kazue Sawai, Elliott Sharp, Cecil Tay-
lor, and I Nyoman Windha of Bali.
Since the summer of 2006, Wu Fei
has conducted a series of collaborations
and tours in Europe and China. Colla-
borators include Percussions Claviers de
Lyon, Elliott Sharp, Beijing New Music
Ensemble, Guo Yue, Beppe Gambetta,
Fulvio Maras, etc. She has performed
at festivals including INCONTRI 2006,
Baafestival of Milano, Madame Guitar
Festival, and the Beijing MIDI Festival.
In the fall of 2006, she appeared in the
“Shan Qi” (“Mountain Energy”) music
DVD (scheduled for release on Ozella
Records in fall 2007), filmed in the Al-
pine Mountains of Italy, and presented
the first Shan Qi concert in the Centro
Culturale Candiani in Venice.
Wu Fei’s debut solo album, entitled “A
Distant Youth” and produced by Gio-
vanni Amighetti, presents some of her
original guzheng / vocal compositions
and improvisations. “A Distant Youth”
is a marriage of the artist's traditional
Chinese music roots and her contempo-
rary compositional approach. The al-
bum is scheduled for international re-
lease on Forrest Hill Records in Sep-
tember 2007. The album will also featu-
re the amazing talents of music legends
Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt, and Helge
Andreas Norbakken.
Wu Fei has composed music for solo
instruments, string quartets, choirs, or-
chestras, modern and traditional dance,
film, and chamber ensembles. She ap-
pears on Fred Frith's album “Eye to Ear
II” (Tzadik, review in "The Wire", April
2004.) She also appears on Frith's so-
undtrack for the documentary film
“Thirst” (PBS) as well as


"Shan Qi" video dvd by Ozella music is the project first release (2008).

See extract (live):

Main cds from Shan Qi members:

. Yuan, Guo Yue, Realworld
. Trisàn, Guo Yue, Realworld
. Music Food and Love, Guo Yue, Realworld
. A distant youth, Wu Fei, Forrest Hill
. La voce del mondo, G. Amighetti, arvmusic
. Twilight Town, Guido Ponzini, Ozella Music
. Eallin-Mari Boine Live, Helge Norbakken, Universal
. Batagraf-Jon Balke, Helge Norbakken, Ecm

Set List

90 minutes:

1 Beats of the mountain 2 Encounters 3 Snow Temple/Hunan 4 Himalaya 5 Rainstorm upon the Harbour 6 Avalon 7 Little Dance for a Siamese Cat 8 Ping Tan 9 Ancienth Path 10 Qi 11 Percussions solo 12 Twilight Town 13 Summer Palace 14 Winternight Tale 15 Red Snow
16 Cloud of Birds
17 Chun
18 Goodbye again
19 Mother to Son
20 Drei Zinnen