Armed only with a guitar, a sweet voice, and a song in her heart, this songstress smashes the "pop princess" and "girl with guitar or piano" stereotypes currently saturating the airwaves. Shanti's new album "Stranger Days" reflects her earnest inner life and her fierce independence.


Shanti, a pop singer/songwriter with lungs to die for, is one of those artists that you just can’t get enough of. Fresh off of the Vans Warped Tour 2008, she may be a pint-sized powerhouse, but it’s hardly her first rodeo. Her new self-released album, "Stranger Days," combines her edge with the catchy pop hooks that we love to sing along to. Deeper and more politically charged than her previous release, Stranger Days fires you up and then breaks you down. This child of musicians debuted onstage in utero, kicking to the drumbeat of her parents' band. Since then, she's licensed some of her music for use in commercial television, acted as a roller derby girl on "CSI: NY," and last year she and husband Greg Attonito, singer of the Bouncing Souls, published "I Went for a Walk" -- a children's book they wrote and illustrated together.

Stating as a child that she was the incarnation of Elvis Presley was only the beginning of Shanti’s road to success. Although her musical style isn't that of his, she does think very highly of the King. It's evident in Shanti's music that the sweeter side of rock n roll is a staple of her diet, while her soulful, powerful lyrics and vocals complete what is perfection. Listen once and find yourself driven by the beat and the melody, listen twice and you'll hear her depth, listen more and you'll be hooked!

Driven to make her mark in the music industry, Shanti released her first record "This Moment" on her own label Allone Records. After a number of TV/Film placements and radio play, Shanti was asked to be part of the 2004, 2006, and 2008 Vans Warped Tour, where she continues to build an eager audience. As part of the Warped Tour family, Shanti currently has items on display at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame's new exhibit, "12 Years of Mayhem: The Warped Tour!"

Although Shanti has presented herself mostly as an artist in the Pop-Rock genre, she started out in coffee shops, traveling the world with her acoustic guitar in hand. Her new album Stranger Days gives us the best of both of her worlds. Collaborating with producers Chris Wardman and Brad Haehnel, Shanti has created an album that will satisfy the fans of both her Rock and Acoustic shows. The album gives you music with a full band and full production and the same 12 songs in a stripped down acoustic setting, scheduled for release in Nov 2008.

In support of the release of Stranger Days Stripped, Shanti will be hitting the road with friends XO, Smile Smile and Paper Mache for an acoustic tour of the US this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for tour updates and help Shanti start a love revolution!


The Beauty

Written By: Shanti Wintergate

patience comes to those of us who wait can we escape this life that we create we look outside to find happiness can you tell me what i missed. in time it’ll come together and in time the pieces fit together in time we’ll see all the beauty yeah, all the beauty it looks like i’ve got a ways to go why does it have to happen so slow i’ve heard the truth so now i know i can’t go back to living in the shadows chorus you tell me that i’m the same as you and i can shine just like the rest do the flame’s been lit and now it’s time now it’s time to shine chorus (x3)


Written By: Shanti Wintergate

it takes a moment to change your mind and it takes a moment to realize all your life flashes by in a blink of an eye and you say, “is it too late” live today as if it was your last day try today to forget about the past today, today it takes a moment to dream a dream and it takes a moment to believe and all our lives we’ve tried to see and i say, “is it too late” live today as if it was your last day and try today to forget about the past and love today as if it was your last day to say goodbye today, today, today, today it takes a moment to change your life it takes a moment to survive and all my life i have tried and i know it’s not too late! chorus


Written By: Shanti Wintergate

he said goodbye and turned away and he didn’t show how his heart ached and he said “she’s amazing” and he said “i must be crazy” “cuz she’s amazing” she walks alone down the road and she doesn’t show the pain that she knows and she says “he’s amazing” and she says “i must be crazy” “cuz he’s amazing” so she turned to ask why and he wiped the tears from her eyes he said “we can’t let this die” “cuz we’re amazing, we’re amazing, yeah” “we’re amazing” and they said “we’re amazing” and they said “we must’ve been crazy” “cuz we’re amazing”

Stranger Days

Written By: Shanti Wintergate

It’s hard to see the good days beyond the bad days,
You just gotta hold on for more.
And what’s on the outside isn’t always what’s in store
And I can’t take it anymore…

Stranger Days have yet been made
I’m so confused I don’t know what to do
And Stranger Things have happened to me
Sometimes I just wish that I could see…..
What’s in store for me.

Every turn seems to take me the wrong way
I just gotta keep the faith.
And everyday something new comes along
I just feel like I don’t belong..

Stranger Days have yet been made
I’m so confused I don’t know what to do
And Stranger Things have happened to me
Sometimes I just wish that I could see…..
What’s in store for me.

Enough Tomorrows to last a lifetime
I hope I don’t lose my mind.
But after all this, I think we’ll make it.
We just have to see it through today…

Stranger Days have yet been made
I’m so confused I don’t know what to do
And Stranger Things have happened to me
Sometimes I just wish that I could see…..
What’s in store for me.

Kingston's Birthday

Written By: Shanti Wintergate

I heard a King was born today
I wonder if he was wearing a cape
because the breeze is blowing and outside it's snowing hey hey
7:31 pm a new life begins hey hey

I think i'll take a walk up the block
I can't forget there's a hole in my sock
because it's cold outside and i don't have a ride, hey hey
Don't got a lot to do so i'll put on my shoes hey hey

And I don't want to cry when the sun's in my eyes
It's ok I don't have to be afraid
I remembered my shades.

I heard the King is wearing a crown
A crown of Love is all they found
And we will dance around until we fall to the ground hey hey
If we stick together it will be much better hey hey

bop badadada badadada
La lalalala lalalala
Bop badadadada bop badada dadada
La Lalalalala la lalalala lala

And I don't want to be alone
It's ok, i don't have to be afraid
because love is the only way
so love, love today, just love today.


Written By: Shanti Wintergate

Something's changed, i feel strange
don't know the time don't know the day
in my room can't help but wonder what's beyond me

About to crash, can't find my stash
of novocaine to ease my pain from too much sleep or not enough i just don't give a fuck.

Shut the TV off I've heard enough
the debt we're in can't be paid off
with all the gold there is in sight
no wonder i can't sleep tonight

People dying, children crying
for reasons i don't believe
time to wake up time to stand up
to the powers that be.

I cannot think, my mind is too numb for the pain
I cannot see, it clouds my eyes like falling rain
My mind is black i can't escape it and I can't turn back.

Can't drink the water got to hide your daughter from the freaks across the street.
The air is thick the ozone's thin and these walls are caving in.
The State we're in is worse than sin and the church is raking in.
Don't believe your priest when he takes your son and says ,"it's just for fun".

Chorus x2


Written By: Shanti Wintergate

Driving down this road of mine
can't see ahead and don't care what's behind.
People are rushing and cussing at time
Little do they know it's just the way it goes sometimes.
I feel like life is passing me by
I've lost the drive so i'm...

Hitching a ride with fate, cause
It's the only ride to take, so i'm
Hitching a ride with fate, all we have is today.... With Fate.

And this path is too warn for me
I can feel the pavement under my feet.
Maybe i could just use a little sleep
Behind these eyes there's nothing to disguise the way i feel.
Cause I know that life is passing me by,
I've lost the drive.


In this world i've seen so many things
so many confused, so many lost wings.
I'll keep my head, I'll keep moving on.
I'll keep on running till i find you, till I find you.



Written By: Shanti Wintergate

So tired of waiting for my time to come
Life's too short to Not have fun.
You better watch out or i'll knock you out. Cause I'm coming for you.

Been waiting way to long for the radio to play this song.
Play it play it play it Loud.
Life's too short to wait around.

So tired of media overkill
consumers can't seem to get their fill
I want to scream i want to shout.
Can you hear me now.


Whoa oh whoa oh whoa whoa oh oh.

It's my time and i'm ready
To hit the stage and rock steady
The fans i will adore and they'll scream and beg for more and I'll come back for the encore.

Where's my spotlight?
Where's my entourage?
I'm so tired of Rocking in this old Garage.
Pay all the big DJ's to sing my praise
And I'll see you on TV.

Because i Fucking rule!

Lost Transmission

Written By: Shanti Wintergate

You better watch your back.
We're under attack
You better think twice
before you lose your right

To be in control
Let the music take your soul
It doesn't matter who you are
In this life, you're the star.

Turn the radio off
Before you get brain washed
Better hide the keys
There's no security


Crashing through
I thought you knew me better
Lost your groove, nothing to lose
but the rhythm
In a trance honey, learn to dance
and move my way.


Fool 4 Love

Written By: Shanti Wintergate

Today you said we'd go away
run off to someplace new
start all over together
just me and you

You swept me off my feet
made me feel so complete
was i a fool to love you

A fool for love
A fool in Love
A fool for loving you

Today you had to go away
find a place to meditate
on finding out what's really true
You swept me off my feet
made me feel so complete
was I a fool to love you


Now i sit and contemplate
the life that i've had
tears i've cried and all the sighs
YOu swept me off my feet
made me feel so complete
was I a fool to love you


You said today we'd go away
run off to someplace new
start all over together
Just me and you.


Written By: Shanti Wintergate

Sometimes i walk around
and see everybody looking down
so sad to see the way we are
after we've come so far.
Truth be known that
the sun will shine again
Eventhough, eventhough
we're bored of it.

So, Shine on, Shine on Sunshine
Shine On, Shine on Sunshine

When I stopped to look around
Sunshine was all I found
So glad to see that you and me
are together so happily
Clouds may come but they won't stay


And they try to rain on my parade
what they don't know is i enjoy
a rainy day ay...



Written By: Shanti Wintergate

This afternoon we'll see real soon
what the doctor says about my medication.
The problem you see, i get weak in the knees when he walks by all I want to do is cry or maybe die, cause i'm....

I'm lovesick
I'm lovesick, can you help me?

Let me pop a pill before i get ill
and run my mouth all over town
about your sweet blue eyes.
Like a dog on a leash I really wish
I could be your flame, I could be tame
cause i'm...

I'll take a shot in the arm
for your good looks and charm
i know i would feel better
if you took..... Off my sweater.

My temperature is rising
over the horizon and you don't even
Know my name, I think i'm insane.
But i'll, be your HO as long as you know...
Know how to cure me
cause i'm.....



"Stranger Days Stripped" LP 2009
"Stranger Days" LP 2008
"This Moment" LP 2004
"The Beauty" featured on the WB's Charmed
"The Beauty", "Today" and "Fool 4 Love" currently playing on LA's Indi 103.1!
"The Beauty" streaming internet radio play on AOL radio.
Various songs on rotation in South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador)
"The Beauty" featured on 100.3 the Q's New Music Lab (April 23, 2004)(Victoria/Vancouver BC CANADA)

Set List

Set length from 20-60 min
Songs from Stranger Days and This Moment
Covers can include:

The Something Special
Dream Lover
Into the Great Wide Open
You Remind Me of Home
Don’t be Cruel
He Could Be the One
Long Legged Guitar Picking Man
Bizzare Love Triangle
Just Like Heaven
Call Me
Don’t Worry (Three Little Birds)
Season of the Witch
He Drives Me Crazy