Shanti Groove

Shanti Groove


Shanti Groove moves along acoustical and electrical lines, combining the voice of jazz and rock with back porch bluegrass and funktified percussion. Bringing their unique sound to venues nationwide, the band provides a musical celebration of the ‘groove’ kind.


The Colorado based "new-grass" phenomenon, Shanti Groove moves along acoustical and electrical lines, fusing the elements of effect-heavy jam improvisation with traditional bluegrass and earth-loving country for a musical genre that is uniquely their own. Their performances are renowned for their energetic musicianship, intricate paraphrasing, funky percussion and powerful musical soundscapes - drawing dance-ready audiences on a national level.

A band clearly on the rise, Shanti Groove recently returned from recording their sophomore album in Nashville, TN with renowned producer Scott Rouse, a GRAMMY Nominee for Producer of Bluegrass Album Of The Year, known for his work with Doc Watson, Del McCoury, Mac Wiseman among others. The studio project features new and re-worked material and is anticipated to be released the summer.

Shanti Groove has grown considerably since their initial incarnation in 2000, along side their commitment to their muse. In 2004, the band self-produced 2 defining shows at the Fox Theater, a DVD project and a series of self-produced, sold-out music-travel packages related to their New Years performance - a production that landed them multiple features in the national and local media.

Literally meaning Peace Groove, Shanti Groove is considered to be one of the pioneers in the Colorado based "new-grass" experience that is spreading throughout the music scene today. The band attributes their success largely on the music collective growing the Rocky Mountains and the peaceful exchange of music and grooves occurring in the local music community. "Local bands that have achieved success before us have readily passed down their knowledge, both in music and business," explains Juri Freeman, and from that, the name "peace groove" seems only natural.

Together they has shared the stage with an all-star cast of musicians including: Yonder Mountain String Band, Sam Bush, Rob Wasserman, Leftover Salmon, Col. Bruce Hampton, Oteil Burbridge, Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, The Big Wu, Steve Kimock Band, and Acoustic Syndicate.

Shanti Groove continues to grow as a band, maintaining a relentless tour schedule while carving out a solid fan-base and genre that is completely their own. Their unique blend of electric bluegrass can turn a tired Sunday performance into a foot stomping, jaw dropping musical fiesta for listeners of all ages.


Bottle or a Band

Written By: Shanti Groove

There beside the moonlight glow,
Thousand stories have been told,
For the loss of love,
In anothers eyes.

All that you know,
All that you feel,
Has been felt by others,
So long ago
And If you thought about it,
I guess that you would see

We all came on different boats
But end up on the same ship eventually

Cold and homely,
Down by the fire
You lose a lot
By the way of your desire

It's the coolness of evening
That blows you on home
And mends life's downfalls
To carry your own
And If you thought about it,
I guess that you would see

We all came on different boats
But end up on the same ship eventually

Different roads
And common circles
You cannot tell there has not been more than one
More than one
To wear a crown of thorns

Praying madly to the sun
I wish for tomorrow never to come


It's right here in the palm of my hand
Is my love a bottle or a band?

River's Mould

Written By: Shanti Groove

It's a thumpin' and a jumpin'
The band starts bumpin'
People start dancing and clapping their hands
Little by little you start to hear the fiddle
And you wonder who's been on the banjo

It's a agin' not a fadin'
Forgiveness starts with lovin'
Lovin' ends with givin'
And the pickings the same
Like a whistle not a fiddle
Brezes of emotion built on commotion
There's music in the air

Acient beats a bouncin'
Songs from the mountain hills
Fill my laughter ingesting no pain
Pushing for a higher conciousness of fire
Riding on the string love box of desire

Going Down The Road Again

Written By: Shanti Groove

What size truly is a man
Does it matter what we see?
If he stands next to a taller man
What littler will he be
Oh, what littler will he be

Chorus: I'm going down the road again
Going down the road gonna see my friend
I'm going down the road again
Comming back, but I don't know when

Once I went to see a show
The show I could not see
The singer in the band neither saw the show
For blind as a beet was he
Oh, blind as a beet was he


Once I walked upon a sunny hill
The other side I could not see
It did not matter what it was
The desert or the deep blue sea
Oh, the desert or the deep blue sea


Where in the world do you come from?
And what in the world do you do?
I come from the depth and the breadth of my soul
And I do what I'm doin' with you
Oh, I do what I'm doin' with you



River's Mould (2004)

For Booking: Jason Scroggins, 303-443-0083

Set List

Set list is typically 85% original music, the remainder made up of rock covers and traditional bluegrass covers. We run through about 15 songs per hour. There are usually one or two 10 minute jams in a show, the jams link songs together and are quite varied.