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"EP Review"

Genre: pop
reviewed by Annette Warner, Gogirls Music

Now I know what Norah Jones would sound like if she decided to weave through some funky "street party" style pop. Shanti's tunes are ALL stylishly competent enough to rise to the top of the charts. Strong, precise vocals lead the way through some hip, well arranged music and it's clear that this artist is on her way to a fabulous career. I dig it completely and look forward to the entire CD.

- Gogirls Music

"Friday Best Bets"

"Shanti has the whole package: talent, good looks, and business savvy. Her hip-hop/R&B/Pop sound and never say die work ethics are sure to help her go far. She's the act creating the biggest buzz in the genre this year. She's also the epitome of "emerging artist"."- Matt Gleason, Urban Tulsa Weekly, DFEST 2006 - Urban Tulsa Weekly, DFEST 2006

"Shanti - Live at THE GIG"

"Wow, what a performance! that girl can sing- and her dancers are HOT!"

"I had so much fun at this show- it's a party"

"Really great show and their attitude was professional- we would have them back anytime."- The GIG - audience

"Taxi Reviews"

"Shanti - You are one talented gal. Your vocals are a knockout. You've got a great look and a unique sound. The blues/gospel/rock/hip-hop blend of "Stone Cold Lovin'" is a real treat."-Taxi

"Great stuff, Shanti! What's undeniable is your powerful, distinctive voice. Additionally, you show experience with how to use it in your performances. As I mentioned, these song have a range of styles incorporating a bit of danchall, rock, blues with R&B and a dash hip hop, but you show that you're able to handle each of them equally well. The songs were really well crafted (melody, lyric, structure, music). All the best and good luck! "- Taxi -

"Urban Tulsa Weekly"

What do you get when you weave Norah Jones through a funky "street party" style pop sound?

According to Annette Warner or GoGirls get SHANTI whose "strong, precise vocals and hip, well arranged music are leading her on her way to a fabulous career."

As a classically trained singer and pianist, Shanti has found a unique hip-hop/R&B/Pop sound that has garnered her a sold-out three state tour, a People's Choice Award in the Battle of the Bands for GoGirls, #1 on L.A.'s Indie Radio 104.7 for three weeks, as well as a winner and finalist of several songwriting competitions. Currently she is a finalist in the ISC for her song “AyAyAy” which has been played on 30+ commercial stations nation-wide.

Live performances include CBGBs, The Cutting Room, Sugar Bar, Trophy’s, The Mint, Sax Club, and The Joint as well as at festivals such as DFEST, M.E.A.N.Y and Midpoint Music Festival, Future Stars Music Conference and Battle of the GoGirls 2006. Later this year, you'll see her as a guest performer on Time Warner’s Channel 24 Open Mike with Justino Lopez.

Shanti started classical voice lessons at age 8, piano at 7 and had her first recording offer at age 13 after winning and singing in the mayor's talent show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. She has won countless competitions and scholarships on the state and national level and has been offered 4 record label deals.

Shanti’s earliest signs of her writing ability began at 12 when she won a writing competition for the Milwaukee Journal. Since then she has continued to be a finalist for many songwriting awards including Gina for Missing Persons Songwriting Competition 2006 and currently as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, one of the most renowned writing competition in the industry.

A multi-talented artist, Shanti has also appeared in several short films, dance projects and will soon be seen as a host on TV's ----name that show. Fans and critics agree "Shanti has the whole package: talent, good looks, and business savvy. Her hip-hop/R&B/Pop sound and never say die work ethics are sure to help her go far. She's also the epitome of "emerging artist"." - Matt Gleason, Urban Tulsa Weekly, DFEST 2006

- Urban Tulsa Weekly


Neon Love (Jan 2010)
Grind (Jan 2010)
Get Over Yourself (Jan 2010)
Me and Ronnie (AyAyAy): (plyaing on 30+ commercial reporting stations nation wide) as well as currently (March, 2006): XM Radio (RADAR), LA's 104.7 America's #1 Independent Radio Station (#1 most requested), Insomnia Radio,, The Dr Lou Radio Show, Internet Radio



** Shanti is quickly establishing herself as the next next big Dance/Pop act to come out of Los Angeles.  She has produced records with Grammy Award Wining producers. She has won several songwriting competitions, including awards with ISC and Billboard, and has been selling out shows at venues such as CBGB, Cutting Room, Viper Room, Key Club's Plush Lounge, The Mint, The Joint, Aura Nightclub, and The Gig in LA. Her shows are full of high energy, eccentric, visual entertainment. Her fans are diverse, loyal and have great taste.

Here's Shanti's Love Story:

We all know that love is one of the best things about being alive. We also know it can be the hardest thing that you do in your life. In my new EP, “Neon Love”, I let you into my personal diary where I tell you my secret struggles and successes with love. Each secret leads you to the truth that ultimately, love for yourself is the most important love of all. And I believe life’s too short to let people stand in the way of your dreams.

In my new EP, "Neon Love", I wanted everything to come from me and not from the Grammy Award winning producers I have worked with in the past. I wanted a direct connection with you, my fans, and not just sing some songs that were written by other people like other artists do.

Of course, the act of self-love comes with it’s pitfalls. We all have that one voice of doubt that comes from people in your life or from inside of us and I am no stranger to that voice. In my song “Get Over Yourself”, I let you in on one of my private moments of self-doubt while at the same time never letting that voice of doubt defeat me.

I want love. And I want it the way I want it. Settling is never an option. In my song “Grind”, I talk about how that self-love has to start with confidence in who we are and knowing what we deserve.

My title song “Neon Love” shows us what can happen when you don’t settle in love. You find a love that is what you have always wanted. Someone that makes you feel alive. Because you should always get what you want out of life and every relationship. And especially love.

In “Neon Love”, I remind you that you don't have to settle for anything less than what you are entitled to. That the most important thing we have is love; love for others, and more importantly, love for ourselves. And no matter what happens to us, we can never forget who we are. My personal philosophy is that I deserve everything. Don't you?