Shanti Town

Shanti Town


With a great dynamic between the synth and the electric guitar, Shanti Town are creating new psychedelic sounds. Encapsulated within this there are elements of electro & dub that will get you up on your feet. About half the songs are lyrical, that connect on a deeper level.


Rising from the dying embers of experimental group Zatorgus, like a blissed out phoenix on a night on the Kashmiri space-cakes, Shanti Town mean business...

Leo and Johan met many years earlier, and joined together with Dij and Radikha to form Shanti Town 5 months ago. Sadly Rad went away to Barcelona and the most recent edition Max, a recovering Jazz drummer, took her place.

Set List

1. Falling through clouds
2. Digital Skank
3. Electric Space
4. Sahara Bazaar
5. Reloaded
6. Black Gold
7. Jah Jah Warrior Dread

The set length is 45 minutes. No covers. Whilst primarily a psychedelic rock band, there are some dub and electro flavours too.