Shanti Wintergate

Shanti Wintergate


It's fucking RAD. Pop meets Singer/Songwriter meets a punch in the face and a tickle in your ears. Try me once and you won't be able to quit.


I sing, I play guitar, I'm from earth and my major influences are gravity, the sun and the moon... just like every other human. I enjoy silence but occasionally I'll listen to a good rock, brit-pop, punk, rap, jazz, or classical song. If you like my bio, you'll love my music. I'm the secret weapon you've been waiting to discover.... no really... I can kick your ass... it might not hurt, but that's beside the point.


The Something Special- Single 2002
This Moment LP 2003
The Beauty- Single- 2004
Today-Single- 2004
Stranger Days LP 2008
Novocaine-Single- 2008
Stranger Days Stripped LP 2008
Lost Transmission- Single- 2008

Set List

I like to play a 30 min set.
I can play for hours if you like though.
I have a handful of cover songs I can play:
blondie, elvis, johnny cash, replacements, etc.

If you'd like a specific song list, please write me: