Shaolin Temple of BooM

Shaolin Temple of BooM


Unique infusion of rock, alternative, electronic music, with melodic overtones


Shaolin Temple of BooM (SToB) is the brainchild of David Alvarez (vocals, guitar, keys, programming) featuring Borja Rodriguez (guitar), June Kato (bass), and Lior Dar (drums) for live shows and recordings. SToB's music melds the industrial, machine-driven aspects of modern music with the raw, emotional human elements of pre-digital-era rock. It's influences include Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Queen, etc.

SToB won the Wonka Battle of the Bands hosted by trueAnthem ( in 2009. The competition consisted of many up-and-coming bands, some of which are already touring in the Warped Tour. SToB recieves an average of 200,000 plays daily on its trueAnthem player ( and has over 100 thousand downloads.

Shaolin Temple of Boom was founded by David Alvarez in 2005. David composed, performed, and produced all the tracks on its first release, "ProjecKtor" and soon radio stations began requesting CDs, including "Kerrang! Unsigned Artist Radio," "KROQ Locals Only" among others.

2006 SToB was invited by EVE TV for its premiere, and showcased the song "Into Nothing." EVE TV is the largest multi-player game on one server in history, and SToB was listened to by over 30,000 people. Flux/Viacom then invited SToB to create its own community via its website while Flux was still in its beta format (SToB was the only unsigned band invited to do so). This community is now home to over 2000 members.

In 2007, Engl Amps endorsed David Alvarez and promoted this endorsement in music magazines across Europe, including the largest music magazine in Germany, "Rock Hard".


The Equinox 2010
Deus Ex Machina 2009

Set List

After the Fall
Into Nothing
Relentless Fixation
A random series of events
I would destroy
Last Day of the Sun