BandHip HopPunk

Vastly progressive hip-hop that balances a razor wit and boom bap sensibility with an apocalyptic cynicism and quasi-spirituality, weaving lucid stream of conscious narratives over dark and grimy instrumentals to create an aggressive intellectual funk.


The 26 year old New Jersey native has spent the better part of a decade producing raw and innovative hip-hop based projects from his basement studio. At first just making tapes for his friends to listen, Shape has gone on to self-release several projects and in 2007 released his first formal album "Raised Near the Powerlines," (an album called, "a furious set of borderline industrial-style hip-hop beats, boasting a griminess similar to the haunting and captivating concoctions of vintage Wu-Tang") on Division East Records. Shape is known for his boundary pushing production and raw stream of conscious lyrics that move effortlessly between powerful punchlines and insightful political and social commentary.

As a producer he has worked with a wide variety of artist, notably, producing the bulk of underground hip hop legend Tame-One's (Artifakts/Weathermen) street album "The Grudge."

As a performer Shape has shared the stage with such artists as Tame One, The Juggaknots, Large Professor, Pacewon, Pumpkinhead, C-Rayz Walz, Mr. Len, John Robinson and more.


As an artist:
"Raised Near the Powerlines" LP- 2007
"The Glass House LP"LP- 2009

As producer:
Tame One "The Grudge" LP- 2007
G. Wallace "The Grand Scheme"LP- 2008
V/A "Division East Summer Mixtape"