Shapes and Sounds

Shapes and Sounds


Shapes and Sounds is an Indie Rock/ Hip Hop/Electro band from Chicago, IL


With members of this band not being strangers from the music scene, Cameron (aka Abitight from Abstract Giants - Vocalist) played Vans Warped Tour 04 on the Ernie Ball Stage, not to mention House of Blues sharing the stage with RZA of Wu-Tang

Elyse Dequina (Youth Dekay-Guitar) has been on Vans Warped Tour 06 on the Gritty in Pink stage, also landed a spot on the stage's compilation release of their artists that year including Joan Jett

Rachel Toxic (new installment to the team on the keys) (ILV Clothing Company) tours every summer as a merchant on Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest™, not to mention her own brand Rachel Toxic™ Art and Apparel

Matt (programming) being a new comer to the front end of things have been working silently behind the scenes producing with local Chicago artists

with occasional DJ Annalyze (Jimmey Kimmel Show with B Real of Cypress Hill, pre and post parties of the 2008 Grammy's to backing artists such as Dj Quik & Lady Sovereign) make this team a match made in heaven. With their rock/electro/hip-hop vibe they blend in to diverse line-ups and giving a little bit to everyone. A compilation disc on the way with up and coming Clothing Company Sequence In Scenes, debut ep being released in March in the new year, a handful of radio shows makes this group to keep an eye out for this coming year.

- Josh - Crescendo Magazine

Number 1 on for a week straight
Top 5 ratings on Earn It Yourself
Sequence In Scenes Clothing "Be Scene Be Heard" Compilation Vol.1
Write-up in Cresendo Magazine
Featured band in We Like You Blog Site
"Panic" was featured in a Cineplay Called "The Rotogravure"

7/1/08 House of Blues
3/29/08 Metro
1/19/08 Metro
6/21/07 Metro MOBFest
6/9/06 Double Door
Summer of 2006 Vans Warped Tour Gritty in Pink Stage
12/26/04 Bottom Lounge MP SHOWS
12/15/04 Metro
Summer of 2004 Vans Warped Tour Ernie Ball Stage
12/12/04 Logan Square Auditorium MP SHOWS
9/24/03 House of Blues
9/5/03 Double Door
7/18/03 Metro
7/5/03 Double Door
5/16/03 Double Door
4/8/03 Bottom Lounge
12/20/02 Metro

Matt and Kim (Fader Label), Totally Michael (I Heart Comix), 1997 (Victory Records), The Fashion (Sony/BMG · Epic · RCA · RedInk), Britt Black (Bodog - Warner Bros ), Vincent Shadow (Bodog - Warner Bros ), Damone (RCA)



Written By: Cameron McIntosh

(First Verse)
Up is down
Out is in
Short is tall
Fat is thin
Make a choice
Chose a side
Turn a cheek
Eye for an eye
Live and let live
Do or Die
Truth or dare
Little white lies
Weakest link
Only the strong survive

Feel uneasy
Amped up
Stressed out
Panic survivor
Pill supplier
Just your everyday
9 to 5’er
Sheep’s that follow
Creep and gravel
Eat and drink
Don’t think
Just swallow
Turn the station
No escaping

Trying not to loose my mind
I just need a little more time
I just don’t what to do

Get a little bit crazy
Someone help me
Save me?
Feel a little recluse

(Second verse)

Talking trash
Panic attack
Heavy breathing
Sweaty palms
Lucid dreaming
Nightmares in
Wake me up
Let me sleep
Constant struggle
War and peace

Peace of mind
Hold me down
Hide and seek
Lost and found
Online dating
On the loose
In the nude
Wet and wild
Drinking booze
Liquor box
And kiss it too
What is man suppose to do?


'Mindless Matter" EP 2009 (iTunes, iTunes UK, iTunes Japan Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon, Shockhound, Lala, Amie St, GroupieTunes, Emusic)
Track Listing:
1. Neon
2. Panic
3. Disaster
4. Social Butterfly
"Panic" is released as a single on Itunes and various college Radio Station ( WLUW, WNUR, Fearless Radio, Q101 Local Music Showcase)

Set List

1. Social Butterfly
2. Cominatcha
3. Sounds N Shocks
4. Neon
5. Bottom To The Top
6. Disaster
7. Panic
8. Red
9. M3
10. Graze
11. Crybaby
12. Warm ups
13. Rage
14. Star Bumper
15. Halo
We don't do any covers. Our sets our normally 40-45 minuntes long. We usually bring in a guest DJ for live shows.