shapes of states
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shapes of states

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Band EDM Jam


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""...split the difference between groove and lock step synth textures...""

- Julie Garcia -


Teaching Hexagons To Be Cubes (2009), Adventures In The Post-Human Experience (2009)

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shapes of states is a single life form that plays electronic beats on drum set and synthesizer, at the same time. The live shapes of states performances in jam-tronic drum and bass as well as groove-oriented electro genres ideally occur in underground art-space and pseudo-venues. Myriads of sound puzzle the state of the concept of solo musical performance when shapes of states weaves sonic elements into densely textured compositions, with the frequent use of repeating patterns and entrancing repetitions, and repeating patterns. Since conception in late 2007, shapes of states has lent his audio spectacle to Buffalo, NY based major art and music festivals, theaters, clubs, bars, homes, lofts, attics, warehouses and to the grand opening of an art gallery. New Years Day, 2009, marked the release of the first shapes of states CD, “teaching hexagons to be cubes,” which was soon followed up by a video for the title track. In true form, in document, in the midst of your latest in intelligent dance music playlists, a shapes of states track integrates ambient layerings, echoes and loops of space and time trailing off into distant spiral galaxies with modified modern beat, low end meanderings. Please abandon any pre-conceived notions of solo musical performance before administering.