Shapes Stars Make

Shapes Stars Make

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Shapes Stars Make crafts emotionally-rich indie rock heavy in post-rock influence. Their six track self-titled debut release, produced by John Congleton, lassos tiny pulsating waves and builds them into monstrous sonic tides that ravish the listener aurally with bashing synth-textured symphonies.


Shapes Stars Make is an all-embracing indie band pulling ambience, post-rock guitar hooks, and romantic vocals from a galaxy of influences; but it's the shimmery texture of their sometimes experimental music that sets them apart. In fact, if Aurora Borealis had a soundtrack, Shapes Stars Make would be it. Songs grow and diminish as if they are alive, evoking a living breathing being made of music and light. This emotionally rich indie rock is heavy with post-rock influence and has been beautifully categorized as an 'atypical condensation of genre techniques' (The Neo-Surrealist Movement). Absolute Punk has referred to Shapes Stars Make as 'airy with gentle flickers that light up small and large.' Michael Gooden, Jon Cook, and Zach Edwards give their music room to expand and contract organically which, with the help of producer John Congleton (Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky), leads to the sweeping layered melodies that define Shapes Stars Make.

Shapes Stars Make released their debut full length with Dreamt Music/Facedown Records in January 2010, entitled "These Mountains are Safe."

"Dallas trio Shapes Stars Make follow up on the promise of their self-titled '08 EP with These Mountains Are Safe, an album of broadly cinematic Sigur-Ros-meets-Radiohead post rock and progressive, often ambient-textured, indie pop. This is music full of grand gestures and dramatic flourishes, richly produced (by John Congleton) and immaculately arranged but still grounded with grit and sweat. Shapes Stars Make are clearly a band with a overstuffed grab bag of big ideas, blessed with both technical ability and symbiotic interplay" (Direct Current)


Shapes Stars Make - S/T (May 2008)
These Mountains are Safe (Jan. 2010)