Shaquita's music is packed with nice, relaxing R&B grooves. This southern flava is new and fresh, for all audiences to enjoy.


Shaquita is a 22 year old Atlanta native. She began singing in church and playing musical instruments at a young age. Shaquita writes poetry/lyrics, and has a classical training background. The first single off the upcoming solo debut is entitled Around You, an innocent yet sexy song about the strong feelings a woman has for her man. Shaquita's style is R&B with a contrast of mid and slow tempos. Shaquita's music reflects personal thoughts and experiences. Once you hear the music, you will get a sense of who she is. So enjoy!


Around You

Written By: Shaquita

When I'm around you, you bring
Out the woman in me. But when I'm around you, I've just got one Problem, can't seem to keep my Legs closed.

Flat on my back,
Just like that.
Do it slow,
Watch it flow.
Ooh babe it's tight,
So work it right,
Take me higher on this flight.

Hit it fom the back,
Just like that.
I can't get enough
Ooh I like it rough
Baby buckle up, cause
I't way too much.

You're so sexy
And so smooth...
I ...just...can't...


The Around You single includes:
1. Be Ready
2. Around You
3. Ride