Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The music is funky, futuristic, yet soulful. The instrumentation is full and elaborate and detailed. The vocals are rythmic and stylistic. This is for all the music lovers in the world who enjoy gospel and R&B.


The vocalist has an array of a musical backgound. Violin was the first instrument of study and that was then followed by the piano. Classical studies have been an extreme influence including composers Mozart, Schumman, and contemporary composers as well. Singers that influenced this artist include Billie Holiday and the ever evolving Mariah Carey. What sets this artist apart from other artists is the style and message.


Current Album: Razorblade
Previous single: Around You
LPs: Choral Kaliedascope

Set List

Drop It
I'm Going
No Doubt
Take Me There
I Just Can't
Sexy Body

Each set is about 11 minutes