Shards Of Ember

Shards Of Ember

 Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA


Artist Information

Scotty Roxtar (Vocals)
John "Boogieman" Bowman (Guitar)
Chaz "Chucky Chizzle" Tucker (Bass)
Jim Oh (Drums)


The four members of Shards Of Ember came together in 2009.
In spring of 2010 they released their first self titled album. The Debut CD was a hit, selling thousands of copies online and at the shows.

Shards Of Ember won best of show at Battle of the Bands; for a chance to play at ABATE 2010 Freedom Rally with Crow and Uriah Heep. In July of 2010 they did just that!
Shards Of Ember became one of the hottest bands in the Central Iowa area, building an enormous fan base in a short amount of time.

The band is now playing shows throughout the state.
Currently They are also busy writing new music for the next album.


2010 Self Titled Album

1. Seize The Day
2. In The Mirror
3. Unbreakable
4. Real World
5.Sunday Morning's Dew
6. This Game
8. Not Coming Back
9. It's Time
10. Listen To Me
11. Remember The Fallen

Set List

45 min set - 10-15 songs
1 hr set- 15-20 songs
All original songs can do covers if requested
Most songs run from 5.50 to 6 min. each

Band can do set up, tear down,in 5 min each depending on venue
Band can do up to a 3 hr. set if needed