Shards of Jade

Shards of Jade

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Diamond vocals cut through layers of thundering, vibrant guitar, pounding bass and solid percussion. Tear away the layers, you'll find gripping and thought provoking music.


Founded in 2006 Shards of Jade is a modern rock band based in Montreal, Canada. The band’s cutting edge style focuses on captivating and exciting their fans through memorable live performances. What sets them apart is the end result, you’re left with a diversified sound with each song varying in style.

Due to the success of their E.P. and from getting a lot of traffic on their online profiles, Shards of Jade decided to perform with the Emergenza Music festival 2007. Shards of Jade gained a lot of notoriety by having the most crowd pleasing performances. The future of Shards of Jade seems promising as offers for shows start to pour in.

The Shards of Jade website is under construction.


E.P. - Shards of Jade, 2007
Single - Lost Without You