Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Unique Pop-Folk-Rock songs performed by charming small town gentlemen.


Over the course of three albums, Share has shuffled through styles as diverse as bossa nova to country folk. From Ukulele Tragic’s weary ruminations on rural life to Pedestrian’s genre collaging atlas pop, the band has acted to document Andrew Sisk’s departure from his hometown of Chipman, New Brunswick and subsequent travels.

With this in mind, it’s hard not to see Slumping in Your Murals as a return of sorts. No longer rooted in experiment and character study, the album echoes a slow settling reality. Starting with the strong foundation of “Date & Time” and “Broader,” it’s not long before the haunted warnings of “Horse & Rider” and “Awake at Dawn” claim its’ core. While the elegant strokes of “Penmanship” paint a warmer picture, under the surface lies a tale of distrust and hard choices. Sisk elegantly broaches such topics with a poetic grace, never wallowing, but interpreting and transposing.

While Slumping in Your Murals was shaped throughout 2008 in locations as diverse as an old farmhouse and the legendary House of Miracles studio, the core of the album was recorded over two weeks in the summer of 2008. During this time, the band made up of Sisk (vocals, guitar), Nick Cobham (guitar, vocals), Kyle Cunjak (bass, vocals), Dennis Goodwin (synth, guitar) and Zach Atkinson (drums), retreated to a cabin in the backwoods of PEI with producer, Daniel Ledwell.

“We wanted to make an album that captured Share as a band,” claims Sisk. “It was the first time that Share was a band rather than a recording project so it was an entirely different process.” Setting the site up as a makeshift studio, the band lost themselves in their work. Recording to all hours of the night, they experimented with new sounds and approaches to capture this diverse set of songs. Cohesive in mood and tone, Share has produced a document of the first troubled steps on the morning after the return.

Share has recently returned from two UK tours, one of which included Ireland & Germany in the routing, and cross-Canada performances on the VIA Rail train. Their albums have received praise all around the globe as well as frequented the CBC and BBC radio waves and charted across the country on campus radio stations. As well, they have performed at prominent Festivals such as: Pop Montreal, Liverpool Sound City, Halifax Pop Explosion, Music Nova Scotia Week, the ECMAs, Canada Music Week, Evolve Festival, Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, and Sappyfest.



Written By: Andrew Sisk

We stand in the streets sometimes
We all see abandon at night
We wince and recall
Remember it all, the fight

When you've been here before
Where your pride was stolen and torn
When it's everyone you know

We can all pull a knife
We can all silhouette
Lie down and threat
We can all silhouette

Where the street turns to favour
Where the trail has behaviour
When it's tougher than tough
When the heavens open up
When it steams down your cheeks
When it's more lonely than alone
When it's everywhere you go
When it's everyone you know

We can all silhouette
You may forget but you won't mistake your shadow for your silhouette


Written By: Andrew Sisk

That's a long M, you have there
Your penmenship leaves ink to spare
curl and peel down the page
write a word of two a day

What you think you tuck away
you pour it down and turn the page
its more than lists and names and dates
its more than what you wished you say

I read your journal, I searched the lines
I tried to find a lie you'd hide
You don't say much, I didn't trust
I read your journal, there wasn't much

Maybe Always

Written By: Andrew Sisk

Maybe always, lately she said.
I'll never cry again, we'll try and try and then

Maybe it's the time that we changed a bit, had some space to realign our orbit.

So let's try for maybe

Happy noises, window open.
You're never home for long, you sleep and then your gone.

Maybe this is life so get over it, you buy or rent or lease then you mortgage it.

So let's try for maybe

Maybe we can't repaint the past, doesn't mean this picture won't last.
I know it's true but we don't know what we'll get through.

So let's try for maybe

Rainy, grey days, feeling this way
You've said it all before but I'm staying here for more.

Maybe if we try to hide under sheets, forget about what we think we need.

So let's try for maybe


Slumping in your Murals - August 4th, 2009
Songs for Eric - Eric's Trip Tribute 2009
Forward Music Group Sampler -2008
I want to be your friend- Inbreds Tribute- 2007
Pedestrian - 2007 LP
Out of Sound Records Compilation- 2007
Can Can Missile- 2006 LP
Ukulele Tragic-2005 LP

Set List

Original songs from all Four LP albums are mixed together with new material for an hour set with clap along peaks, epic rock crescendos, and heart breaking folk ballads tying it all together.