Best known for "giving voice" to other's stories by turning them into songs, at their request. Shareen's music is heartwarming, fun and invites you to listen, consider, understand and identify. Using humor, and honesty Shareen is sure to touch your heart and set your feet to tapping!


Shareen was heavily influenced by the folk music of the 60's and 70's, Dylan, Baez, Denver, Kristofferson and others. Her music is a blend of blues, folk and soft-country and fits best in a "Pop Folk" genre.

Shareen spent several years touring in Japan where they loved her crystal clear vocals, her honesty and her way of singing right to their hearts.

Shareen's music takes everyday situations and turns them in to amusing, instructive events.

Shareen's musical style and intention became more clearly defined during her tours in Japan, where she became involved in the World Peace Organization as a singer-songwriter promoting peace. Her peace conference theme song "Never Again" was performed in Hiroshima Peace Park to an audience of 50,000 people!

In the United States, Shareen has continued to promote peace and understanding between people, with her music.
When her father died from cancer related to agent orange exposure, Shareen wrote his story in her song "Daddy Always Loved To See A Hero". This began her work with veterans' and families of veterans, leading to the release of her CD "To Angel Fire and Back" which includes 14 songs of various veterans stories that relate to the realities of what it is like to fight in a war and what it is like to come back home.
In particular, the song "The Story of Richard and Lan" describes the amazing ability of the heart to forgive.

Shareen continues to write, perform and record in house concerts as well as special concerts for special events.


"Japan Years" a compilation of 18 songs recorded and released in Japan during Shareen's tours. Includes "Never Again" the theme song for the World Peace Organization.

"To Angel Fire and Back" - 14 songs written and recorded from stories provided to Shareen from veterans and families of veterans. Includes the song Shareen wrote for her father "Daddy Always Loved To See a Hero" plus the song "The Story of Richard and Lan" a true and amazing story of the heart's capacity for forgiveness.

"This Thing Called Love" 16 songs that follow the journey of the heart as it falls in and out of love. Poignant, fun and something anyone who has loved can relate to! 5 of these songs have been played regularly on internet radio "Women of Substance Radio" and 2 songs ( "Not Too Smart With My Heart" and the John Denver cover "Perhaps Love") even made the "Top Ten Songs" list for several months, and the countdown of the Top 50 songs for the year.

Songs may be listened to and purchased through itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Facebook and on Shareen's music website They play regularly on Women of Substance Radio (Live 365) and on her station on JANGO/Radio Airplay.