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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Song review"

Artist: Sharelle
Song: Fog
Review: by Judy Dyble

"Oooh! Completely different, this one. Powerful start and beat, Excellent voice. Proper guitar solo (haven’t heard one of those for a long time). Really good. Perhaps it gets a bit muzzy sounding later on. Take your foot off the fuzz box! That’s better. Nice ending!" - The Prog Files

"Magazine Review"

Sharelle - Magnanimous EP

Bordering on Alternative and straight Rock and Roll, and showing off a heck of a fine production, Sharelle are a cool band. I would place this in the normal review section, but the added mellow side of them might throw some folks. But the thing is that their strength is the mellow material. Songs such as “In This Room” and “Never Let Go” are mellow, but carry such a huge punch to them in their emotional kick. Sharelle herself carries a voice that can hypnotize you at times, but she is always in full command and powerful. Musically the whole band are top notch, and as mentioned the production is great. Absolutely an all around impressive disc and is one of those releases that keeps you anxious for future word on the band. - Sonic Ruin

"Magazine Review - Magnanimous EP"

Artist: Sharelle - Magnanimous EP
Publication: Northeast Indie In-tune Magazine
Review By: Melody Geear

In order to make a name for themselves, female musicians in the rock genre tend to emphasize specific attributes in order to stand up and stand out amongst the dominating male force. Powerhouse melodies, edgy personas or gritty vocals, these tend to make the most impact with the shortest amount of exposure. Sharelle doesn’t go for many of the same tactics as many of her up-and-coming female peers do. She lets her intuitive lyrics and smooth, delicate vocals do the work. Sharelle’s music isn’t gritty, in your face or just a sheer façade; it’s reflective, fresh and just plain good rock.

The delicacy of Sharelle’s voice is juxtaposed a rhythmically intriguing rock band. The two counterparts paired together make a classic rock formula. At times, one can hear the influences of such great female vocalists as Sarah McLachlan. Her ability switch into the instant upper register is the signature haunting beauty of McLachlan’s voice, but it works well for Sharelle as well. The same haunting vocals can be heard on Sharelle’s seemingly intuitive track, “Fog”. She doesn’t quite hit some notes with the same pitch-perfect clarity, but it is a bold and lucrative attempt. She continues in the same vein with the track, “A Lifetime Isn’t Long Enough”. In this case, Sharelle brings out her emotive guns and does her vocal experience justice. It is a beautiful ballad, full of thoughtful and engaging lyrics. A soft piano creates the melodic foundation and guide for Sharelle’s lyrics. Being a seasoned vocalist, she does a beautiful job of keeping her vocals soft and smooth and not making the rookie mistake of belting out every last note. It is emotionally powerful without having to be literally so.

The rhythmic members of the band take control and show of their talents in a few upbeat tracks such as “Never Let Go” and “Fall”. These tracks feature more rhythmic breakdowns to show off what makes this band whole. They are stimulating and catchy, which makes great combination for radio-friendly songs. Armed with natural talent, years of experience and armed with a great vocal and rhythmic combo, Sharelle is sure to be a lasting force in the female fronted rock genre and beyond.

- NorthEast Indie In-tune Magazine

"Newspaper Review - Show"

Sharelle Opens for Shane West’s Jonny Was

Sharelle is the band that any musician would love to have open for them, although it is a tough act to follow. Drawing in a decent sized crowd at Canes this past Friday night, Sharelle kicked off a night that included mosh music, an ode to punk rock by actor Shane West’s group, Jonny Was, and a Guns ‘N Roses tribute band.

Sharelle, the lead singer, approaches her songs with emotionally charged vocals and poignant lyrics. They opened the night with “Misunderstood,” and progressed to a keyboard solo by the band’s namesake, Sharelle, entitled “A Lifetime Isn’t Long Enough.” Her voice isn’t like any other female artist on the scene. Her range spans soprano and alto, and she holds notes that almost seem ethereal.

Self-taught on piano and guitar, Sharelle and her husband, guitarist Adam Fiori, write songs based on personal experience. This team met in Lake Tahoe and then moved together to Los Angeles to work in the industry. Adam’s previous job, a Producer for Sony, served him well when he decided that big labels weren’t for him. He built a recording and rehearsal studio out of their home in Encinitas, and the band practices there once a week, twice if they’re preparing for a rare gig.

Sharelle put an ad out for a drummer and a bassist about two and a half years ago, and
she lucked out when Brandon Hamilton answered the call with his drum skills, and Dave Garcia stepped in to be the group’s bassist. Sharelle is powerful on her own, but these guys unleash the groove that make songs like “Fall” filled with unforgettable high intensity.

Brandon was the drummer in Dramabomb before he joined Sharelle, and Dave was bassist for Radio One.
The musical influences for each member span a variety of sounds, but they all mesh beautifully. Adam and Sharelle like modern rock sounds from AC/DC, Audioslave, and the Foo Fighters. Brandon, surprisingly enough, likes the Dave Matthews Band, and Dave describes himself as a “metalhead” growing up. Dave thinks that John Myung is the best bassist walking, and Dream Theater is the band that gets him amped.

Since you won’t see Sharelle playing in dives (they are picky about which gigs they take), staying in the loop with their music is key. The group would love to have a greater distribution going, and they might start up their own independent label to distribute. Sharelle has a profile on where you can read their lyrics, but they are definitely at their best live. Sharelle works so well because the members feel like they are a family. When they perform “In This Room,” by far one of their most memorable, powerful and well-rounded songs, you can tell that they follow and lead each other effortlessly, creating a sound that leaves you wanting more and not able to forget what you just heard.

Shane West’s Jonny Was isn’t the typical pet project band for an actor, either. These guys like punk, and they like to rock. Shane leads with energy and good looks on the mic and the guitar. His bandmates Casey, Justin, Brett, and Matt bring their own flair to addictive choruses and fast beats. Shane is into Alkaline Trio and other “new school” rock bands. Fans of all ages danced and jumped around to show their approval and appreciation.

Canes’ center stage also hosted Critical Me, Dogmatic, and a Guns ‘N Roses tribute band to round out a great night of local rock combined with Hollywood punk glam.

- Mid-City Journal

"Fan Reviews -"

author: Robin Davidson
Love it! Just downloaded to my ipod. Would love to hear more I love your voice. More please. I am really loving the dragonfly. Could be my next Tattoo!

author: Cindy O'Neill
Awesome! I love it! It's what I am getting a couple gals here I work with for Christmas :)

Great sound, beat and groove. Loved It!
author: Leomie
I really like the sound of your voice and your band rocks.. Can not wait to hear more of your stuff.

CD Baby, you rock. Wow I love the CD.
author: Diana
Thanks for getting the CD to me so quickly. Sharelle's music is great. I love the CD and I'm ready for their next one. Keep up the great work! :0)

I love your songs very much
author: wilma l. snyder
your doing a real great job keep up the good work . we love ya. bye for now

author: Nicole C
My daughter and I have been in search of music to play at my husbands memorial, we listened to a lifetime isn't long enough and knew we found the one! All your songs are soooo beautiful and we hope to hear more from you soon!

I Loved the CD
author: Laurie
I Love the CD ... the songs are Awesome ... Keep on rockin !

author: Heidi
WOW! You are incredible.. That is soo cool you self taught yourself.. Truly amazing.. Keep up the good work... :) :) :) Love your music...


LOVE IT!!!!!!
author: Linda Scarlett
I love this company. Not only was the service incredible, who ever writes you print is so clever. I love the music. This artist has such a clear voice and the music speaks to your soul.

Love it
author: Jerae
I like this CD. They sort of remind me of Cowboy Junkies. I've had Sharelle in my car CD player all week! Keep up the good work.

author: Nicole

Love the music
author: Darcel
Music sounds great!!

Absolutely stunning
author: Amber
You guys are amazing! I could not believe the sound! Thank you for sharing a part of your soul with us, it touches as I have never been touched before :) Thank you.

Your music fills my heart with joy!
author: Kate
Sharelle, I love your music! Especially "A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough"! While listening to your CD, I realized I became energized and cheerful. And my heart felt full of joy! Here's to your grand success! Best wishes to you!

Great Sound
author: Cynthia
The CD was very well done. I'm exceptionally pleased with my purchase. I've been sharing it with my friends and family and they all love it also. Song 5 is especially touching for me, really hits close to home. Great job Sharelle and your crew. *smile* Keep the songs coming, I know I'll be looking forward to the next disc!

Love you and the fav!
author: Shauna
Magnanimous is fantastic, mellow yet inspiring...

Great Music!
author: Deanna
This CD is terrific! I highly recommend it, I am looking forward to seeing more CD's from Sharelle, she will go far!

author: soangel78
You have the voice of an angel with such a great band!!!!!

i love it! you sound like a mellow version of heart! keep rockin!
author: sweety1237

Your CD is Great...
author: witsnd
This CD is a heartfelt work of art that connects with the listener through it's amazing lyrics and music !! I love it!

i like your music
author: coneja loca
i love the song never let you go.

Fabulous from Beginning to End.
author: AWESOME
If your not signed - you should be. Everyone loves this CD!

Just love Your CD!!!!!!
author: mercedes(sweet meche)
This Cd is amazing and very good beat and Sharelle You Rock Girl!!!!!!! Keep up the good job. I listen to the CD every day in my car before going to work and coming home.

author: Sheryl
Sharelle has the most amazing voice. I just love the beat and melody of all her songs. Can't wait for her and the band to come to Phoenix. If you haven't listened to her, YOU NEED to do so!!!!

Awsome songs!!!
author: Anita
I have played the cd so much I think I am going to have to buy another one. You guys did a great job putting this one together. Cant wait until you put out another one.

Great album!
author: SD77
Great album! All 5 songs are good, my favorites being 1, 3, and 5. You will find yourself singing these lyrics hours after you turn off the cd. Nice mix of powerful love ballads with a rock twist. I highly recommend it.

this cd is awsome great work guys!!!!!!!!
author: Stephy
this cd is awsome the songs touch me and mean alot of what i am going through i love it!!!!!!!! - The Fans


Angels at the Waterfront 2010
Magnanimous EP 2007



Produced by Lenny Kravitz's engineer and collaborator Henry Hirsch, Sharelle has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Kate Bush, and contemporaries Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Rachael Yamagata. A true singer songwriter featuring a unique voice with soaring melodies in an intimate sonic landscape create the sound that is Sharelle.

Self-taught on piano and guitar, writing songs and poetry since the age of five, Sharelle's talent was noticed early on. She has earned herself top artist and songwriting honors throughout her musical career and collaborated with grammy award winning producers.

Great artists have a way of drawing deep responses from even the most reluctant. Sharelle possesses this unique ability, leaving no emotions unturned. Her unique style sustains a timeless quality that has the ability to speak to every generation. She says what's on her mind---always with fearless vulnerability, hiding nothing, and letting the listener know.