San Diego, California, USA

Produced by Lenny Kravitz's engineer / collaborator, Sharelle is a singer songwriter with imaginative and emotional lyrical content tied to unique melodies and arrangements. Sharelle's sound bridges classic and modern qualities with memorable hooks offering wide audience appeal.


Produced by Lenny Kravitz's engineer and collaborator Henry Hirsch, Sharelle has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Kate Bush, and contemporaries Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Rachael Yamagata. A true singer songwriter featuring a unique voice with soaring melodies in an intimate sonic landscape create the sound that is Sharelle.

Self-taught on piano and guitar, writing songs and poetry since the age of five, Sharelle's talent was noticed early on. She has earned herself top artist and songwriting honors throughout her musical career and collaborated with grammy award winning producers.

Great artists have a way of drawing deep responses from even the most reluctant. Sharelle possesses this unique ability, leaving no emotions unturned. Her unique style sustains a timeless quality that has the ability to speak to every generation. She says what's on her mind---always with fearless vulnerability, hiding nothing, and letting the listener know.


Angels at the Waterfront 2010
Magnanimous EP 2007

Set List

Set time: 45 min to 1.5 hrs.

Set List: 9-15 songs all original material.