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Sharifah is an National Recording Artist with songs that are heating up the Airwaves and Retailers in 44 Countries at a time when listeners are ready for fresh new music, artist, and sound.


Sharifah – Gospel and Christian Contemporary Singer – is quickly becoming recognized as a cutting edge original International Recording Artist who is inspiring singers, musicians, fans and music-lovers. Tate Music Group, Sharifah Record Company, describes Sharifah as having “a heart to touch souls and change life’s with songs that showcase intense, exhilarating, real lyrics that reflect the lives and situations of listeners of all ages”.

When you hear Sharifah live she is a mixture of Rock, R&B, with a Tony Braxton style of singing. Having a heart for God, with the attitude of send me I’ll go, Sharifah professes that there are no limits to the places that she is willing to go to minister, pray with, feed, or clothe those who need. What makes this ministry unique is that it is built on the principle of building; helping and extending a hand to ministries that are excelling in the work of God. This ministry has partnered with many ministries in communities around the World.

In addition to being an National recording artist, Sharifah is an active Minister, Praise and Worship Minister, and Worship Leader, Actor, and Model. Sharifah is an inspiring personality that is reaching her fans and music-lovers alike. Sharifah newest releases were inspired for fans of progressive Gospel Music, which contains the familiar sounds of Urban, Latin, Blues, Rock, Jazz, and everything in between is in multiple retailers in forty-four (44) Countries on six (6) Continents.

Sharifah's audience is vast and covers a global spectrum. Her trademark style of music is instrumental, original and live. Her writing styles are unique as she handpicks specific projects that release her inner creativity.


Show Me Your Grace

Written By: Sharifah and Dave Felder

Written by Sharifah and Dave Felder
KamuChiSan Publishing (ASCAP) 2010
Produced by Andrae Kamoche and Dave Felder
Background Vocals Tia Richardson, Julius Spencer, and Dave Felder
Recorded at K-Music Studio’s New York
Vocals Recorded at P-Milton Studio’s New York
Song Mixed and Mastered by Gil Roberts


Show me your grace. Show me you glory. Show me your grace. Just to be in your presence is where I wanna be

Verse 1:

The things you've done for me I, know that I often see them without your thoughts of me and, I think I really see but, you're oh so heavenly where, your spirit intercedes and, our ways our contrary so, my prayer is that you really show me

Verse 2:

I need to see your power, I need to see your love, you are the true example of all that I could ever dream of and when I’m feeling lonely, you put me in on cloud nine, you lift me so much higher, and then you hold me and you show me.


Just wanna see you lord. Just wanna see you lord. I Just wanna see you


Since Gospel Music and Sharifah’s audience is so vast and covers a global spectrum, Sharifah's trademark style of music is instrumental, lyrical, original and live, Background Driven, allowing her writing style to be unique, it enables her to hand pick specific projects that will release her inner creativity. Sharifah has captivated her critics by impressing them with her ability to reach for higher standards in Production, Musicianship, Vocal Arranging, Songwriting, Presentation, and Creativity.

Sharifah current album Uncovered is in retailers in forty-four (44) countries on six (6) continents. Her first two music video release from The Uncovered Album Crossing Over and Pursued Me can be following below which are also being played on the various radio station in United States, London, Australia, South Africa and more.
* “Crossing Over”
* “Pursued Me”

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