Sharkey Farmer

Sharkey Farmer


We're a party Band (Sponsored by Jeger) focused on popular Rock/radio tunes from the 90's to current. We're a fun & energetic band & are creative in our delivery of songs. Later in the evening we progress into dance songs from r&b, rap & Regee. Our Demographic is 25 to 40.


We started playing in Lexington at the Bar that Montgomery Gentry started. We played mostly Classic Rock and Country and mixed in a bit of current rock. The bar went under new ownership and the crowd changed, we gradually moved to more current rock and party music.


We are stricktly a cover/party band.

Set List

In a 4-hour gig, we usually play 3 sets with two 15 minute breaks. A typical night may go something like the following. 1st set: (cool, laid back rock)3am: Matchbox 20, Last Dance w/ Mary Jane, Tom Petty. Runaround: Blues Traveler. Yellowledbetter, Pearl Jam. Follow You Down, Gin Blossoms. Hold My Hand, Hootie. 2nd Set (More aggressive/Harder Rock: When I come Around, Green Day. Hey Jealousy, Gin Blossoms. 7 Nation Army, Back N Black/Rocking In The Free World Medley. Slide, Goo Goo Dolls. Regulate, Warren G. etc 3rd Set (More dance type music) I'm bringing sexy back, J Timberlake, Billy Jean, M Jackson, What I like About you/ROCK in the USA medley. Gin & Juice, Snoop. Blister in the Sun/Tainted Love medley. Joker(Reggae) Santeria, Sublime. Etc. for more info: