Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sharkmuffin is a Brooklyn-based, female-fronted, garage pop three-piece band. They're like 90s alternative rock radio with catchy fuzz-soaked guitar riffs, virtuosic solos, and a riot grrrl inspired front woman with insane stage antics. They sing about sex, drugs, boys, and how much fun they are.


Brooklyn based garage rock trio Sharkmuffin creates super-heavy, jagged, and exceedingly catchy punk rock, which recently was named by Billboard as being one of the “20 All-Female Bands You Need to Know”. Experienced guitarist Tarra Theissen (vocals/guitar) and Natalie Kirch (vocals/bass) jammed in punk paradise Asbury Park in 2012 and have continued to play together since. After two powerful EP’s and a self-titled 7”, Sharkmuffin have released their debut LP Chartreuse on Little Dickman/State Capital Records.

The noise-punk-meets-psychedelic power pop group has evolved their sound on the new album working with drummer Patty Schemel (Upset, Death Valley Girls, Hole). The result is a full length filled with ten tracks of commanding hits. “Chartreuse is mine and Natalie’s favorite color, but it’s also a liqueur whose recipe is only known by two monks, and each monk only knows half the recipe and has to keep it a secret,” Thiessen tells Flavorwire. “All the tracks are really bright, in your face, and obvious like the color, but all lyrically deal with relationship dynamics involving things that for better or worse were hidden from each other.”


self-titled 7", February 2013, "The Lake" & "Big"
She-Gods of Champagne Valley, March 2013