sharks took the rest

sharks took the rest

 Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GBR

We create blissful, panoramic pop out of lush, chamber-style textures, swoonsome female vocals and an artful dash of electronica.


"Panoramic Pop" - The Guardian
"Prodigious Songwriting Talent" - BBC 6Music

The enthralling female-fronted Sharks Took The Rest create stunningly beautiful, expansive and personal music that has been captivating audiences across the UK over the past 15 months.

The seven-piece combine rousing string arrangements with a delicate and twisted electronica, whilst staying ever-close to and inspired by a pop-oriented sensibility. Live strings, rich vocal harmonies, guitars, drums and synthesizers work together to achieve a uniquely cathartic result.

Their debut E.P. Grounds for Hearts to Swell, released February 14th, makes for an eclectic and refreshing listen. With definite nods in the direction of everyone from Bjork to Dylan Thomas, there is also a clear and ever-growing sense that Sharks Took The Rest are mining their own heads and hearts to create majestic pop that is nothing short of hypnotic.

The band have been receiving regular playlisting on BBC Radio 6 Music (Track of the week on Nemone, Tom Robinson), Radio 2 (Steve Lamacq, Bob Harris, Radcliffe & Maconie). The band also supported the fantastic John Grant at The Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow this January and performed Live on BBC Radio 4 (Loose Ends) on Feb 19th topped off with a set at this years' Glastonbury.

The band are releasing a new single "Rename the Planets" on the 14th of Nov this year and look to release their debut Album in the new year.



Written By: Beccy Owen & Adam Kent

And I’m driving in my car and I know that I can’t go very far ‘cos the dash says so, I’m low.

Well I coulda told you that, I coulda shown you, that but if I opened up I might swallow you whole.

There’s a restaurant I really want to go and I will sit and order so many dishes I couldn’t possibly eat them all.

I’ve been a parasitic kleptomaniac when I’ve lacked but I’ve always kept my head above the brim: the meniscus.

And I wanna go where nobody knows me.
To feel the liberty of sweet anonymity.

And my dress size shrinking down as my hunger’s up and the puddles seep onto my feet, they get cold.

Well I coulda been a star, I coulda gone so far, but if I opened up they might swallow me whole.

There’s a woman who I really hope to know, and I will sit and ask her so many questions she couldn’t possibly know them all.

I’ve been a Clytemnestric femme fatale, behind my suitor’s backs I kept my heart beneath the brim, the meniscus.

And I wanna go where nobody knows me.
To feel the liberty of sweet anonymity.

I wanna go where nobody knows me…

Go For Blood

Written By: Beccy Owen & Adam Kent

I go for blood I go for broke
I think that I’ve seen everything
I mythologize my own demise
And I forget to pray.

I do this cause I’m hurting
And it’s easier than healing
Or at least the thought of healing
Which hurts along the way
It hurts along the
way, way.

Policemen come and go,
And all they ever want to know,
Are the barest bones, the barest bones.
Well I told them all I could,
I would’ve liked to of done more good,
It matters how we fall,
It matters how we fall,
It matters how we
fall, fall, fall, fall.

The preachers say confess,
And when we do make sure we’re dressed,
In our Sunday best, he’ll do the rest.
Well I tried to wear that gown,
But it itches and I know deep down,
It rarely fits at all it barely fits at all.
It matters how you fall…

Some derive the darkening,
Thinking that they’ll never sink so low but,
anyone, anyone, anyone can fall,

I go for blood I go for broke,
I think that I’ve seen everything.


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Set List

Full set list = 1hr

All original material.

Song List:
Too Late for Logic
Go For Blood
Biting Flies
Sleeping Conniptions
Jungle Cat
The Cove
Move the Sun
Bring Her Back