Orlando, Florida, USA

Horror punk / thrash metal band based around haunting and chilling scenarios including horror films and All Saints Day...Halloween.


Sharkteeth is a horror-themed metal band from Orlando, Florida. They have been together since the original incarnation in January of '07, writing gruesome and hellish lyrics, shredding guitar riffs, pounding drums, and bass lines that'll make your skin crawl.

Zombies? Blood and gore? Creeps and ghouls? The monsters under the bed? These guys are all too friendly with the subjects that make up your modern day, and classic, horror flicks and aren't scared to unleash them upon the world. With influences coming from all directions on the metal map, these five musicians will be sure to leave their mark on the world. Sharkteeth is a force to be reckoned with, a horror-fueled machine hell bent on bringing you a new way to look at metal.


The Dead
Last House on the Left
Halloween Party
The Wolfman
Murder Child
They Live
Leather Faces Pool Party
Doomsday County