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"Calcutta Woman/Peace and Love" (1994)
Peace And Love
Calcutta Woman '95 Remix
Calcutta Woman
Peace And Love (Inst)
LP-12" (Parrot Records PAR 012)

"Christmas In The Caribbean With Sharlene" (1995)
Baylay Baylay
Forget Me Not
Tra La La
Christmas Massala
LP (Best Music 011 LP)

"Fly Your Dragon" (1996)
Mother Trinbago
Carnival Craze
Batemamselle Mix
Cultural Mix
Carnival Craze Mix
LP (EAB 62 LP)

“Triniparty” (1996)
Various Artists from the MIDEM 1996 Event
CD (45078f06) Divers

“Merry Christmas from Sharlene, Christmas Prang" (1996)
Mamacita (English)
Santa (Spanish)
Mamacita (Spanish)
Baylay Baylay (English)
Christmas Massala (Spanish)
Forget Me Not (English)
Christmas Massala (English)
Tra La La (English)
Santa (English)
Compact Disc (JMC1081)
Contributed By: Francie Ammon

"Princess Of Soca" (1997)
I Love Meh Nannie
Mamacita (English)
Gimmeh Mr. DJ
Rat Attack
Ah Ready To Soca
Party Friend
Jack In The Red
Aunty Maraji
Curry Soca
Children Grab Education
Compact Disc (JMC027)
Contributed By: Francie Ammon

“Caribbean Party Rhythms 2” (1997)
Various Artists
CD (B00000J6IA) Rituals Music

“New Vibes” (1997)
Compilation including:
Chutney Time
Joe Le Taxi
CD (3597) Rituals Music

"Joe Le Taxi" (1998)
Joe Le Taxi
Joe Le Taxi (Instrumental)
12" (Rituals Music LP4097)
Contributed By: Kingsley Hyam

"Mischief 12” "
(1998) Mischeif
Road Runner
12" (Parrott Records PAR0016)
Contributed By: Kingsley Hyam

"Groovy Moods” (1998)
Mister DJ
For A Friend (English)
Pour Un Ami (French)
Road Runner
Calcutta Woman
My Boy Lollipop (feat. General Grant)
Cultural Mix
Je Traine
Chutney Time
Joe Le Taxi (French)

"Caribbean Party Rhythms" (1996)
Dama Latina
Joe Le Taxi (Spanish)
CD (5398) Rituals Music

"Janácek: Jenufa" (1998)
Various Artists compilation
CD (CMS5654762) EMI Classical

“Rituals of Trinidad Carnival” (1999)
Various Artists Compilation
CD (5698) Rituals Records

“Rough Guide to Calypso and Soca” (1999)
Various Artists Compilation
CD (1040) World Music Network

“Le Meilleur De La Soca” (1999)
Various Artists

“Caribbean Party Rhythms Vol. 2” (1999)
Various Artists Compilation
Rituals Music

“Caribbean Party Rhythms 4” (2000)
Various Artists
Rituals Music

“Hot Caribbean Hits” (2000)
Various Artists
Victory Records

“My Collection 2” (2000-2001)
Stand Strong
With You
Joe Le Taxi (French)
Sweet Drlin’
For a Friend (English)
The Call (new mix)
Pour un Ami (French)
Je Traine
(unreleased/ promo)

“Caribbean Club Mix” (2000)
Various Artist Compilation
CD (6443) K-Tel

“Carribean Soca and Rapso Party Gold” (2001)
Various Artists Compilation
CD (R2CD40105) Retro

“Digital Mestizo” (2001)
Various Artists Compilation
CD(8423479069873) Revelde Discos

“Rough Guide to Africa” (2001)
Various Artists Compilation
CD (B00005M0ED) World Music Network

“Hot Caribbean Hits Vol. 2” (2002)
Various Artists Compilation
CD(B00008ZZ52) Victory World

“Rough Guides to Latin America” (2002)
Various Artists
CD (B00005M0EE) World Music Network

“Socalistics” (2003)
Compilation including two Carnival singles “Rush” and “Show ‘Dem”
CD (1228) JMC Records

“Tout Pour Mon Cheri”
EMI- Korea Compilation (2004)

“Sweeta Sweeta” (2005)
CD Single - Universal-Mercury (France)
Made in EU 983 048 9
CD LC 00268

“Sweeta Sweeta - Sharlene” (2006)
Album #1 – Universal Records Japan K.K.



Sharlene is 24 years old, and lives in Miami, her second home, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a very well known and successful artist in the Caribbean region, European territories, and the U.S.

A singer, and an author/ composer, she has been writing, recording and performing worldwide for more than 10 years. A few years ago, one of her most recognized international hits, was her spicy cover version of old French favorite “Joe Le Taxi”. She has performed at several prestigious and well recognized venues and events around the world including MIDEM Film and Music Festival France and Miami, Reggae on the River San Francisco, and at the Apollo Theater New York, to name a few.

She completed her Bachelor's of Music Degree in Composition and Jazz Vocal Performance in 2001, and her Master's Degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries in 2004, both at the University of Miami-School of Music.

With her most recent music, released by Universal Records over the past 2 years, Sharlene has been ..1 in the Caribbean region once again, top 10 in JAPAN all the summer 06, and has reached chart topping positions in France, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, and several other territories.

The CD single released by Universal France in 2005 is called “Sweeta Sweeta”, and is one of many songs included on her 2006 album, entitled “Sweeta Sweeta-Sharlene”, which was released by Universal Music K.K.

This 1st single was released in June 2005, complete with a spicy, cosmopolitan Music Video, which was shot in Miami, and was played on various TV channels around the world, including Synergy TV W.I., BET-J, and MTV Tempo.

The complete album "Sweeta Sweeta - Sharlene" (Universal Music K.K.), was one of the Top 5 albums in Japan this year. 4 of the songs from this album enjoyed top chart positions in Japan. Sharlene performed at various clubs and special events in Japan this summer, as she did extensive promotion in several Japanese cities.

She even performed at the National Stadium in Tokyo, where she performed the National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago, to kick off a soccer match between the Trinidad and Tobago National Soccer Team, and the Japanese Soccer Team. Sharlene’s second single and accompanying Music Video “Ask It” will soon be officially released in France and other European territories.

She is also anticipating the release and promotion of her music in the US region, in the very near future! Be on the look out for this Super Hot, Spicy taste of Miami/ Island Sounds.

Apart from the sensual, young, high energy feel of Sharlene's music, this free spirit is spreading like wild fire. Her music and spellbinding performances will surely turn you on! As she puts it, "Performing is what I was born to do." "Being on stage, sharing my music with a fantastic audience, letting the rhythm and the music take over... that gives me a rush that nothing else in life has yet delivered!" Another advantage is being able to travel around the world to perform!