Sharman Castillo

Sharman Castillo


Contemporary Christian singer with a heart for Worship to the Lord. Charasmatic full of zest and zeal for the Lord, not ashamed to share the Testimony God has given me and the willingness to encourage others to not give up, because God hasn't given up on us.


Songwriter with over 100 songs, I love the Lord and I love Praise and Worship, I love being free to express real issues in my songs. One song in particular called You Complete Me, talks about what I went through in my life before Christ and I was honest, I drank, actually drank like a fish, so I sang a song about it. To me as a Christian Artist you have to be willing to be free and vulnerable and honest, how can you reach people if they think you are perfect. You have to be willing to share your faults and how God brought you through and raised you up.


As a Songwriter- War Casualties Prayer For America

As an Artist- I Trust
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
It is You Lord