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Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative




"Every Single One Of Us Must Join Together For Change"

The world seems to have gone mad. From pandemic quarantines and shutdown to protests, rallies and riots, It seems as if the entire world had gone crazy and everyone is fighting. Why do we all have to be divided?

I think that many people, families even, may not agree on everything. In fact, people in my own house have different views on things, but we work together to see each others points and care about how if we work together we can make changes.

I saw this video and thought this song by the Sharon Lia Band said it all:

"I know it's hard to see how every single one of us, contributes to the sum of us. It would be a victory - if we would rise to lift a world in need"

"I do not know the solution, but I do know to we have to work together to lift each other up."

Think about that. If all of us decided to stop- stop all the insanity that is happening these days and work together towards a better place. It can happen. For instance, I went to a rally recently with my daughter. She and I had slightly different views of things happening, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend the protest. However, it was important to her and I felt that I needed to stand up to the things I felt were meaningful to me. So, we went together, and stood up, together, for things that meant something to us, and to making a difference in the world.

Its hard being in a family that doesn't always have the same views on things, but often times when we listen to each other, we find there IS a common ground and we can stand up together. Every one of us has a right to our own views, and we work together for change.

“The message I hope to impart, Lia said, is for us to realize our potential no matter what the darkness, whether it be mental, physical, financial, or spiritual, tries to extinguish in us, and give that light to others.”

The only way society moves forward in a positive way is we work collectively together. "If every single one of us contributes to the sum of us" Lyrics in my song The Sum of Us, we will all rise together. - Lee Flynn - Today Show Magazine

"Sharon Lia’s Timeless Music Inspires Us To Remember: “Every Single One Of Us Matters!”"

Sharon Lia is an inspiring example of how despite major difficulties in our lives we can take our passion and come out even stronger on the other side.

Lia’s latest work, The Sum of Us is a timely new song about resilience and unity. She explains that it is about “the conflict within ourselves, the tragedy of giving up, the victory of rising when we fall, the symphony of realizing our potential, and the philosophy that every single one of us contributes to the sum of us all.”

The newly released song reminds us: “Like water in an ocean, each drop touches the next, creating an enormous body of water. Without every drop, there is no ocean.” In fact, she has heard from front line medical workers, teachers, and others who are eager to be sharing the song — and her video — and the message of never giving up.

Recently, she was contacted by a nurse who was taking off her protective gear in her garage, heard the new song, and wept because it resonated so much with her, and made her realize that each one us matters and that we should never give up.

The unique power of music is summed up by Lia this way: “The nostalgia of the past, enjoyment in the present, and hope for the future.”

Recently, PCM had the pleasure of talking to Lia about her music, her resilience, and why music can transform us, especially during times of unrest, such as the current global health pandemic.

“Share a song or even a smile,” she says, “you never know what someone is going through and how much we can help one another.”

[Songstress Sharon Lia]
Why is The Sum of Us currently resonating with everyone?

When I wrote the song, I didn’t have a crystal ball so I didn’t know we would be where we are now. I finished the song during the pandemic and with the various scenarios and all of us being hunkered down trying to achieve something together for the common good. So, it is a timeless song and certainly very timely right now. The example of the artists involved coming together is part of that. It is also a thank you to the people on the front lines to whom we are grateful; grocery store workers, and those who work in hospitals and deliver the mail, etc. They have kept the world moving so we can stay safe hunkered down in or homes. I see this music as a little bit of a sign of hope.

How are you doing during the quarantine?

I had an unfortunate accident in which I broke my right hand and suffered a brain injury. It makes things very difficult and upsetting for a piano player and graphic artist, so I have been at home for two years of healing. I try to be strong for my friends, family, loved ones, and fans, because ironically, I am uniquely prepared. Not going out is something I had to adapt to and my husband Rick has had to help me through it all, like he is still doing during this pandemic.

Is there a silver lining to this pandemic?

My husband, Rick Jannotti, who is a gifted guitarist, my engineer, and co-producer, and my partner in everything, continues to be supportive. When he is not running to the store to pick up groceries or supplies, we know we are in this together and that we can create our art together.

Tell me more about how Rick came into your life?

We met in 2013 when he auditioned to be my guitar player. I am so fortunate to have Rick in my life. I always wanted to have a partner who understands my passion for music. I found someone who didn’t mind schlepping my equipment, and has always been so supportive We developed a bond and have shared everything. I have had other love interests in my life who didn’t share my passion or want to dive into the nitty-gritty of things, but when you do it is magical.

So, tell me, why do you want my readers to listen to your music?

I feel like I have a story to share that people can identify with and that will touch them. Obviously, there is a part of me that wants to leave something positive for the world. I feel music can influence people and bring out so much creativity in others. When people get together at a concert or at a temple or church there is communion about it; I hope that someday we get back to that.

What do you think the new music scene is going to look like?

I am not sure. It’s funny, I have a graphic artist friend who works for a Broadway company, they are facing people not coming to shows and wondering what everything will look like in a continuing COVID-19 world.

How can music help us during these very difficult times of COVID-19?

I have closed my eyes and absorbed the melodies and notes and meditated. I waltzed with the vibrations and dreamed of a day when we would all feel like dancing again.

What is your take on what the “new normal” will look like?

I have faith that we are going to come back stronger and smarter. I feel that we are going to be healing from the losses and remembering those who have gone during this time. I believe that it’s human nature to learn from experience, but go back to normal with a more enlightened outlook.

Maybe we will all wash our hands a little longer. It is my hope that we get back to normal and we get back to those personal relationships we have with one another that is so important. It’s interesting because we are all doing what people do best — we are adapting. We are doing the best that we can and at the same time finding new ways of doing things. So, maybe we will have even better ways of doing things in the future.

I was extremely touched by some of the virtual concerts going on that are sharing a wide range of music.

Yes, that is a true gift to the world for musicians to share their uplifting messages. Even with our video – we have artists from around the world who came together to contribute their time and talent. Music is absolutely a gift and it’s amazing how many people with so much talent are willing to give of themselves. I am seeing it everywhere. My hat goes off to everyone who is giving of themselves, in whatever way they can, during these difficult times.

Why is music so important to you?

It’s the only thing that helps me process life. When I’m sitting and thinking about something and I am deep in thought, my next reaction is to sit down and play the piano and a chord progression emerges and that space where the music is, it becomes like a flowerbed for the music to grow. Music has a healing effect on me and for other people. Ever since I was a young child I wanted to write and be involved in music. It’s a calling. I can run, but I can’t hide.

Please tell me more.

Some music is too painful for me to listen to. I find that I have to shut out a part of my life that is too painful. But blocking myself from those emotions is not enabling me to feel that part of my life and address it. So, making music helps me address some of these issues. I try to make music about ordinary people’s extraordinary experiences. Some things are very unique. This pandemic is universal but we are all experiencing a different effect. I try to write about these individual experiences. My song Anomie, for example, is about suicide, but there’s a deeper meaning for people to connect with these feelings.

Why do you feel that music has so much power?

Music imparts vibrations, and, people associate music with episodes in their lives… eliciting memories and associations, both good and challenging. It can make a person or a crowd rowdy, somber, calm, excited, empowered, and/or united. It creates invisible bonds. Music is about the nostalgia of the past, enjoyment in the present, and hope for the future.

What songs and music transport you to a different place and time?

Songs with an ethereal feel, anthems, strong, emotive melodic and chordal progressions, instrumental or with meaningful lyrics, catapult me into a different realm. It’s so overpowering that it can alter what I am writing like social media posts, a letter, or an email. It makes me very introspective and usually emotional.

Do you feel we will come out of this health pandemic changed both personally and professionally?

I do. Like a seed beneath the horizon, when we poke our heads out from under this blanket on the earth, we will grow toward the sun with vibrant abandon. It will be liberating. We will enjoy things we took for granted… we may even go out and do more than we ever did before with our new appreciation for the freedom “To Do.”

What inspires you to be the most creative with your music?

It’s visceral. I would say what stirs in my heart comes out my fingers. The inspiration comes from God, I believe. To create is like this force I cannot fight against. When I write, if I tear up while doing so, (even if it’s not a sad song), I know it’s going to be a great song for me.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue a music or entertainment career?

If music is in your soul, and you know it’s what you want to do, do not abandon it. Like anything else in this life, anything worth fighting for, is truly worth fighting for. You will have to work hard, pay your dues, wear a lot of hats, and ultimately, you will need to learn to balance your music with your critical “me” time since the commitment takes so much time. Enjoy the process, do it because you love it, not for fame or money, and always remember to nurture yourself along the way!

What are your goals for the future?

I want to be a Rock Star one day. [She said with a wide smile.] - Debra Wallace - Pop Culture Magazine

"Creativity During Quarantine With Singer/Songwriter Sharon Lia"

Tips on Staying Creative to Help Yourself and Others Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
“Iwant people to know that they matter… and I needed to reinforce that I matter, too,” said Sharon Lia of the Sharon Lia Band. Lia and I sat down to discuss the meaning behind her new song, “The Sum of Us,” and how we can make a difference to those struggling with their emotions during trying times like these.

People across the globe are suffering mentally, emotionally, and financially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread its venom. This Coronavirus is not only impairing people’s physical health, but also their mental and emotional health.

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Although Lia began writing and producing what some might refer to as a modern day “We Are the World,” prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the song’s message remains the same. It is a joyful anthem of unity during seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She encourages us to draw on our creativity to get through tough times and come out of them even stronger.

I asked Lia what advice she would give to folks that can make a difference to others while going through the Coronavirus quarantine, to which she recommends drawing on your inner strength. She said, “your internal calm will help those you connect with find security… and check in on your loved ones, especially those who are alone at this time.” She also suggests volunteering at food banks or other local charitable organizations that distribute necessities to those being affected by the pandemic or other crippling circumstances.

“We cannot feel that we are insignificant and don’t matter because we do and at this time more than ever you can see how everyone’s contributions are helping to help everyone else and vice versa. It’s really like a patchwork quilt blanketing the Earth,” said the artist.

According to Lia, there are many healthy ways to get creative and ease the anxiety during the Coronavirus quarantine period, and any challenging time in our lives. Here are the 4 tips that she encourages us to try:

Find a quiet space, near a window (perhaps open it for fresh air). Lay a scarf or something comforting down, sit, sip your favorite healthy beverage, and take in the light, the view, and breathe.
Don’t get swept up in fear, but do allow the emotions you are feeling to make a deposit in your imagination bank. Paint a brushstroke, stroke a guitar string, and see what unfolds.
Close your eyes and listen to your favorite music. Music can inspire creativity in your world.
Rearrange furniture. Get creative with your space.
“You can become a part of “The Sum of Us!” Lia shared. “Buy the single “The Sum of Us,” where we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Ladies Who Rock 4 a Cause, an organization that helps people in need, and check out the video. It will lift your spirits. And don’t forget to hashtag #TheSumOfUs on the posts you share and tag someone who has impacted you or impacts others! Share the positivity!”

By Carly A. Sabatino

For more information, visit - Carly A. Sabatino - Bella Magazine

"Sharon Lia: "Talent With A Heart""

Being introduced to singer/songwriter/musician and recording artist Sharon Lia was a treat in itself, speaking to her became even more special but hearing her music suddenly harmonized into the titanic icing on the cake!

Hailing from New Jersey, Sharon played Keys and began to write songs at age 14. It was then that her mom so impressed with her talent awarded her daughter music lessons. Inspired by her music teacher’s magic words, “a creation isn’t a creation until you share it with someone”, Sharon went on learning her craft, performing in talent shows, and finally forming a band of her own. In 2014 she won her very first “Breakout Artist” competition, and from there began touring with the band, winning fans from NJ to New Orleans, and hasn’t stopped since.
Currently Sharon is in the midst of recording with Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory. Sharon was named 2017 Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville. Having been invited to play at The White House, becoming a voting member of “The Recording Academy”, (Grammy Association), Sharon Lia is experiencing the journey of a lifetime.
Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it. Although some of her music seems inspired by personal tragedy including her own fight with cancer which has inspired her to form “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music driven organization, she tends to create vivid and vibrant colorful pictures of songs people can relate to.
On January 12th Sharon will be unleashing her newest single entitled, “Anomie”......Sharon Lia is an artist’s who serves as an inspiration to those who don’t believe in themselves, but who are following their dream. She is living proof that “Fairytales’ do come true, - Huffinton Post

"Alt-Rock-Prog-Pop Review: Sharon Lia Band-Beyond Wonderland"

Sharon Lia leads from the front in the epic and emotive, Beyond Wonderland, the debut album from the Philadelphia-based band of her namesake. The ever-versatile Sharon chaperones us through the album’s varying themes with her compelling lead vocals and adept piano performances. The singer is at once soulful and candid on this collection, which is an ethereal meeting point of joy and nostalgia, of a past to be forgotten and a future to be fought for. The luscious instrumentation provided by guitarist Rick Jannotti and drummer Howie Fallon bolster the touching, thought-provoking message of this work. While the trio hasn’t struck gold with this debut, it’s clear they’re not far off.

After a brooding beginning, “Sick Addiction” explodes into a badass crescendo of electrifying guitar and thumping percussion. The tormented lyrics showcase Sharon Lia Band’s talent for creating sensational, melodic rock with a twist of poignant tenderness. On the aptly named “Anomie,” Sharon’s harmonious, gentle vocals paint the portrait of a woman let down and misunderstood by her society. Over a celestial arrangement, the defiant singer highlights the power of determination, self-realization, and grit.

“Why Can’t We Pretend?” is a gorgeous, sentimental and dreamy track. It boasts a blissful string section, a triumphant drum kick, and Sharon’s vocal prowess is given the space and backing to fully flourish. On “Hanging by a Thread” the singer similarly wows with an immaculate vocal performance. This track immediately grabs attention with a cadenced organ, crisp drums, and bluesy bass. Despite the smooth, polished sound of this track, the lyrics allude to a tense precarity, an uncertain danger, an imminent threat. This sensitivity is what adds layers of meaning to the band’s particular alternative-rock sound.

The tracklisting is masterful here as the band follows the melancholic end of “Hanging by a Thread” with the confident, sexy, strutting opening of “Free to Fall.” The beat oozes tenacity made up of a quivering electric guitar, a celestial synth, and a rapping drumbeat. The singer’s soaring voice proclaims fearlessness, boldness, and freedom. Then, Sharon Lia Band gifts us their unique take on a rock ballad in “Hunter and Slayer.” It’s tinkling piano and soft string section elicit a mysterious, fairytale feeling. While Sharon’s graceful singing evokes images of a somber, smoky bar-room performance one could only find in a black-and-white film.

On the album’s finale, “Beyond Wonderland.” a lurking bass line is joined by cracking drums while an electric guitar looms in the background, waiting to emerge noisily for the sensational climax. The brazen lyrics deal with the voyage of life, creativity, and self-discovery. It generates a feeling of harmonious completion, as the outro begins, we hear birds chirping and the soft sound of rainfall.

The ambition and confidence needed to actualize this debut album’s grand vision show Sharon Lia Band has the attributes for a bright future in music. Beyond Wonderland is sure to leave you looking forward to this band’s next adventure.

Key Tracks Include: “Hanging by a Thread”, “Free to Fall”, and “Hunter and Slayer”

Nicholas Staff
October 17, 2019 - MuzikMan Reviews

"Polished to Perfection"

I have been “following” the Indie pop sensational band named this Sharon Lia band. They have always been very impressive to me. With this being said, I set my sights and ears to write a review on her latest single, “Why Can’t We Pretend”. The song is purely magical and powerful. Sharon's vocals are strong, vivid and amazing. This quite honestly is an amazing song.

There are (many) music artists out there and despite this in my opinion the Sharon Lia band is one to be watched and will be one to be seen with in the “mainstream” flow of popular music today.

Not only is the Sharon Lia band a powerful force within the industry, it will be a household name.

I must add that what originally attracted me to the band was a song called “Dancing in the Rain”.

Sharon has strong beliefs, and one of those early on I loved and respected that she had the sense of belonging and survivorship, experiencing various situations in her own personal life, Sharon and her creation of “Rock 4 A Cause” that assists in supporting various charitable causes.

In my 32 years of writing music album reviews, Sharon Lia and her band stand for what life is all about, always assisting others and promoting it with (her) God given talent's.

To get back to the element of Sharon’s amazing music, the latest song, “Why Can’t We Pretend” is a wonderful and amazing song. Sharon brings her amazing and powerful yet purely magical vocal arrangements on this beautiful song and in my opinion totally deserves your affection and full attention. The song has purpose and Sharon Lia and her band have blown the top off with this latest single called “Why Can’t We Pretend”. I love it and you will also. I thank Sharon for her tremendous friendship and her amazing and most gracious life story and above all her tremendous impurely magical gift of music. - STEVEN F. ADAMS



‎(Album) 2016 
Beyond Wonderland
‎(Album) 2019

Singles & EPs

‎(Single)  2018 
Thirty Dirty Secrets
‎(Single) 2018 
Sick Addiction
‎(Single) 2019 
Why Can't We Pretend
‎(Single) 2019



Powerful, Ethereal, Emotionally charged, Sharon Lia and her band are dedicated to touching people with compelling music.

We want to make great music that MOVES you...Be the soundtrack that you go down the highway listening to and screaming along with, or stopping you in the living room and making you sing along with.  We want you to feel something and be totally inspired to do something awesome afterwards

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