White Plains, New York, USA

Gospel music with a smooth R&B, pop flavor, satisfying the soul with a message deliverance.


Romans 12:1 (NIV): Therefore, I urge you, brothers in view of GOD's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to GOD-this is your spiritual act of worship.

Sharon was born and raised in the New York area, She began singing in her church, Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene, at age 11. She has always viewed her gift of song as her living sacrifice to the body of Jesus Christ, and singing has always been the tool in which the Lord can use her. At the age of ten, she discovered this wonderful gift that GOD has graciously given her and she has been singing to His honor and glory ever since.

On March 10, 1998, she did her television debut on a popular Christian program, "Praise the Lord" via the Trinity Broadcasting Network (WTBY-TV54). On January 25, 2001, executives from the program asked for a second appearance, also inviting her to do "sound cuts" for future programming. As she ministered through song, she demonstrated her love for Christ and musical talent that God has so richly blessed her with. Also to her credit, In June 2006, she did a live performance at Six Flags Great Adventure and in August 2005 opened for Gospel recording artist Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Sharon also sang for numerous weddings, church functions and talent events that took her beyond just her local region. She sang in a group called "Turning Point" which demonstrated her ability to work with others and to blend in harmony; flavoring her vocals with diversity and rhythmic appeal. She sang background vocals for various local talent in her area.
Sharon is also gifted in songwriter, writing all the songs on both of her CDs.

She believes she has been blessed because she could have stayed in darkness, but God has chosen to bring her into His marvelous light. She is forever grateful for all the Lord has given her and will continue to be God's instrument in savings soul and touching & sustaining the redeemed.



Written By: Sharon Stewart (copyright 2006)

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life
There isn't anyone greater than Jesus Christ
Don't know that satan's on the run
We've been set free
and don't know the battle has been won
Most definitely
So here we go, want the world to know, never be ashamed.
Lifting up your hands, lifting up your voice in Jesus Name
No weapon formed against us, we've already beaten the enemy
Oh we have the Victory

So throw your hand up in the air
and raise them high
All ye people every where testify
Come on, Come on, come join with me
Come on, Come on, taste and see
Come on, Come on, what you believe?
We got the Victory

Don't you know He paid the price
So you and I can have eternal life
So don't you think that we should be the ones
To let them know
Tell them He sent His only Son
To save our souls...

Worship You

Written By: Sharon Stewart (copyright 2006)

This thought came to me
When I was thinking of You
On a day, when I was lifting up your name
As I stood in awe of you
My being was invited to proclaim, to proclaim

I live to worship you
I breath to glorify your name
So I bow low, to your throne I will go
Cause I live to worship you

The amazing grace I found
When I was not believing
As I stubbornly refuse to seek your face
But then like a gentle breeze
The Holy Spirit filled this empty space
Filled this place, within me

I live to worship you
I breath to worship you
I need to worship you
and I sing to worship you
I live to glorify your Name
So I bow low, so I bow low
to your throne I will go
Cause I live to worship you

Let It Go

Written By: Sharon Stewart (copyright 2006)

I'm holdin on, it won't be long
Getting rid of issues in my life
Gotta make it right, gotta let it go
gotta let it go
I need you now, unleash your power
Wrestling myself both day and night
Gotta win this fight, gotta let it go, gotta let it go

Fear, doubt, fustration
taking over my life, these irritations
Gotta let it go

Tranquility, reigns over me
I've handed Him my guilt, my shame, my strife
I put it all behind
Cause I let it go, had to let it go
The Prince of Peace, brings liberty
I'm saved under the power of His might
And you will be alright
If you let it go, have to let it go

He will save the day
He will make a way
The solution, the resolution
Of temptation, my decision, my conclusion
That Jesus is the answer
He takes confusion, and disillusion
Wraps them in His hand
You know He's gotta plan
Redeemer of my soul
Healer, makes me whole
You will never be alone,
Got, Gotta, gotta let it go

Fear, doubt, fustration takin over my life, gotta let it go
The enemy, wants to deceive
To steal you peace in the night
Give God your soul, and simply let it go....

Are U Ready

Written By: Sharon Stewart (copyright 2006)

The alarm is heard, you don't say a word to the only one who can keep ya
Your running out of time, whose gonna save your life, you better make it right
Living on yesterday
Grim Reaper...knock, knock, knocking at your door
But you don't realize, that after some time
You will stand face to face

Are u ready to meet your maker
Will it be a heartbreaker
When you see the caretaker
of your
Heavenly body
But you find that yours is not there
I wonder what your thinkin
You believe that you are livin
But you haven't been forgiven
You are walking among the dead
You better ask yourself are u ready?

You do a good deed to put your mind at ease
But you better take heed
The deceiver
He's twisted your mind
Filling you head with lies
You have to decide
Do you wanna give your soul away
Big Dreamer
Do you think your fate is a reward
But you can make this your date
That you change your fate
Next stop paradise...

And the dead were judged according what they had done as recorded in the Book
If anyone's name was not found in the Book of Life, He was thrown in the Lake of Fire...Are U Ready?

Hold On

Written By: Sharon Stewart/Cotten (copyright 2006)

Where do you go
When every thing you need
Is far below, beyond your reach
Who do you call
You will try anything
You trip, you fall and you don't know
quite what to do
Who will come through to rescue you

Hold on
Your weeping may endure for just a night
Hold on
The (His) Spirit moves with Power and with Might
It's over
Your problems they have been kissed by the Son
Oh...all you got (have) to do is just
Hold on

Your breaking down, your world is closing in
No one's around needing a friend
Lift up your
You will find your answer
Just look ahead
The Lord He is awesome, He brings wisdom and your best is yet to come

Hold on
to the One
Hold on to the Son of God...


Sharon has 2 LPs to her credit
Your Grace

Set List

Sets: 2 hours
Let it
Not Alone
Fall Down

Cover tune: That Name (Yolanda Adams) or
Redeemer (Nicole C. Mullens)
Worship You
You Grace
Hold On
I Like It
It is He