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Sharon Bousquet is a fingerstyle guitarist/ vocalist/ award winning songwriter who writes songs for film and t.v., and performs in the band Beaucoup Shakti. Sharon teaches a holistic singing workshop called "The Singing Body", blending yoga, breathing, singing & Edu-K to free the voice.


Sharon Bousquet " Boo-sKAY"
Spirit - Folk
Acoustic Pop

Born in South Philadelphia to a musical family, Sharon grew up on the East Coast in towns like Chester, PA and Wilmington, DE. Voices from the left side of the radio dial began making an impression during the long vacations her family took each summer. With her father behind the wheel of a wood-paneled Ford station wagon and a small Scotty travel trailer rolling behind, the voices of Joni Mitchell, CSNY, and the progressive rock melodies of Yes, Led Zeppelin and Heart took hold. Those long car rides throughout the West left ample time for an artist’s imagination to rise, for a writer to be born.

Each of Sharon’s 5 CDs, including her first studio session at 8th Avenue Sound with the Vancouver- based ensemble “Travelers in Paradise” - a compilation that raised $10,ooo for the H.I.V. ward of the Vancouver Children’s Hospital - have been independently released. Now, the strongest of the five reaches American audiences with the 2007 release of "Temple".


*3 Bousquet tracks and numerous instrumental versions of songs from "Temple" will be in the film, Cosmic Radio ('07).

*"Myself for a living" was selected as the theme song for My Town Picture's fall 2008 film "Sister Patchouli". Ms. Bousquet also placed numerous instrumental tracks in the film.

*Finalist, 16th Annual B.W. Stevenson Singer-Songwriter Competition, Dallas TX

*Winner, Jazz Category, Austin Songwriter’s Group Songwriting Contest for ballad, No Valentine (02); Finalist, Inspirational category, for voice/percussion piece "Temple".

We encourage you to go to Sharon's web site for more details on this gifted artist.

“Although the media and music industry consistently like to rely on comparing unequaled talent to previous music legends, it’s safer to say that Sharon (Bousquet) is a true original. Catch a rising star entirely capable of paving her own way in a world of gifted singer-songwriters.” ~ Timm R., Metro Santa Cruz (CA)


Myself for a Living

Written By: Sharon Bousquet

It's not I want the big house,
it's not I need a new car, it's
more that I've been poured into a
small clay jar,

it's more a push inside,
it's like the voice of God
telling me to make the best of what I'm given,
be myself for a living.

I have a heart-wrecked home,
the one I love is sailing, happy
on a sea of my tears in a boat of my failings.
It's like a push inside...

You might think it's fame that calls,
but it's really not the point at all;
this is who I am, it's my wedding band,
it's my wedding band.

So when you hurt like dying,
or if your heart's on fire,
either way is true as a pathway through desire,

to take that push inside as the voice of God,
telling you to make the best of what you're given,
be yourself for a living.

I recall a vow once spoken,
long before I was a girl,
something like a mission,
gifts we carry for this world

to take that push inside as the voice of God,
telling you to make the best of what you're given,
be yourself for a living,
be yourself for a living,
I'll be myself for a living,
Be myself for a living.


Written By: Sharon Bousquet

In this Temple of bones,
in this temple of flesh,
in this hollowed-out ode
to the worst and the best;
in this word that I speak
that lulls me to sleep,
I am whole, I am grace, I am singing

In this world like a bowl,
in this bowl filled with tears,
in this river of loving as strong as it's clear,
in this child at my side bringing joy
into light,
I am clear as a bell, I am ringing

for you who shines thru everything,
I am open to the gifts you bring!
Gratitude is the path I choose,
and I thank you.

Where Are You Now?

Written By: Sharon Bousquet

Moon and Stars, a slip of cloud,
The world at large is silent now,
Standing, sleep my due, I can’t wrest my mind from you,
Where are you now my sweet little love?

3am - what a sight, rippling trees in a moon-soaked night!
An owl is calling me to dream, I’m stalling, lost but free
Where are you now my sweet little love?

At the waking hour, whisper of goodbye,
We couldn’t know the power of what was
lost to you and I, lost to you and I…

Moon and stars, they help me see
that where you are is not with me.
Standing, shadow-cast, my heart is safe at last,

But where are you now my sweet little love?
Where are you now my sweet little love, my lover?

Sea of Change

Written By: Sharon Bousquet

Where are the street signs,
the maps and markers left behind?
This road is newly paved and only for the brave.

Where’s the lover I lost that day I scared him off
in a sacrifice of stars, bones, hearts, empty arms?

Ch: Nothing is the same, it’s a constant sea of change,
a river we ride – if they told you diff’rent, they lied,
if they told you diff’rent they lied.

I lit a fire when I was young,
I stood and watched the burning claim
my expectations rung by rung,
and now these others take their place.

So where's the Buddhist smile,
where's enlightenment's calm?
There is a dangerous mile to walk
before we reach our home

where nothing is the same, it's a constant sea of change,
a river we ride,
and if they told you diff'rent they lied.

Swim This

Written By: Sharon Bousquet

If your face is wet from a love you can’t forget,
your heart broken, an ocean of regret taking your days
as you learn how to swim this craziness, to swim this

through words you said and those unspoken,
your heart smokin’, an ocean of time to think it through,
as you learn how to swim these blues, to swim this.

BR: Where’s the love you put on that pedestal,
you took as the best of all, you gave in a fit of falling,
falling, oh falling?

instr. section- violin

New one to hold you, a new one to ease those blues,
Good friends to enfold you, ‘til you know you can lose love
and still choose love somewhere new, and swim

La da di ah, la da di ah, mmmhm, swim this, swim this…

So if your face is wet from a love you can’t forget, Swim this.


Currently recording first Spirit-based CD (projected release for Xmas '08)
Temple (U.S. release 2007)
Live in Texas ('04)
Mirror, Mirror ('98)
Stormy Heaven ('96)
Peace from the Porch Vol. 2, compilation (4/06)
A Christmas Wish compilation/Holiday CD ('94)
Bootleg Bousquet is no longer available ('01)

Set List

Temple (voice, percussion)
Myself for a living
Holy water
All that a Woman Holds Dear
Let me Call You Love
A Little Undone

Sampling of Covers:

God Bless the Child
Halleluja, L. Cohen
Life is Wonderful, J. Mraz
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Huron Carol, and others for holiday season