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"Classic Dance Music Diva Returns !"

Friday, June 01, 2007

..> Interview with Diva Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown
An interview with Sharon Brown who is best remembered for her huge early 1980s dance hit, "I Specialize In Love" on Profile Records.

The following is an interview with singer and songwriter Sharon Brown kindly conducted and provided by member, Dayna Newman.

(Dayna) Hey Miss Sharon, Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain and interview you. And it's safe to say you are far from a one trick pony. You have accomplished so much in your career with much more to come I'm sure.

First off I must say that I LOVE your new single "Thinking of You" it's fresh hip and it would keep me on the dance floor and I'm not just going to stay on the floor for any ole song~! Where and how can we pick up a copy of "Thinking of You?"

(Sharon Brown) Well thank you Dayna! My new song "Thinking of You " can be purchased direct from me at my web page, which is: A one trick pony! L.O.L. I have never heard that saying before, that's real funny! A one Hit Wonder is what I have been referred to!

(Dayna) L.O.L... I hate when someone is labeled a one hit wonder or my saying because the "Hit" is so fabulous... People have short attention spans as a general rule and so many artists are listed as one hit wonders who definitely don't belong in that category.

OK next question, I have heard this, but wanted to ask you: Is it true that "I Specialize in Love" is the number one most requested song in dance clubs? I wouldn't doubt it, as it still stands up to any dance song that has ever been put out.

(Sharon Brown) Yes, It was the number one requested song in the clubs and it kept you on the dance floor!

(Dayna) OKAY~!! It sure did and still does. I'm not scared to fly up to the DJ booth and ask them to play my Jam~!!

Back to "I Specialize in Love." That song is legendary and just plain ole fabulous~! How does it feel to have a song that has made such a contribution to the dance industry and will live on forever? Because songs come and go and most are easily forgotten but that will never be the case with "I Specialize in Love."

(Sharon Brown) It feels great! Some times though I say to myself " It would have been the right thing to do if Profile Records " Cory Robbins And Steve Plotnicky along with the biggest crook of all Eddie O'louglin would have paid me!

..brownsharon-ispecialize.jpg" align=left>(Dayna) That's a damn shame, I hear that quite often, especially with the old school girls...

Sharon you have worked with some wonderful producers and artists which one or ones did you really enjoy working with the most?

(Sharon Brown) Norman Whitfield! He has taught me all I know about writing and producing music!

Norman was the only person in my life who said to me "You do not need a producer, You can produce yourself " and I have been doing just that ever since! Along with Curtis Mayfield and Hank Cosby from Motown, these men have all took time to teach me. Curtis taught me to pay close attention to lyrics and Hank taught me the commercial format of songwriting.

Norman gave me free reign in the recording studio and gave me the push and confidence to do what I love to do, he also dropped a hint on my way out of the studio one day that my boyfriend had to go! I did not understand at that moment, but after many years of bull with that boyfriend then I married the clown did I realize what Norman had meant... The man was clearly in the way!

I have lost contact with Norman. I wish somehow we could re-connect; I owe him big time! I would just love to be able to say to him THANK YOU NORMAN! I have gone on to win the "BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD" for " I Specialize in Love" and Norman said that I could! It would be so wonderful to see him again.

(Dayna) Well maybe he will read this because if anyone wants to know anything about disco or dance music they come to

You wrote a song for legendary rock group "Blood Sweat & Tears called "Love Looks Good On You." How did that come about and did you enjoy working with them?

(Sharon Brown) Well, Heck Yeah!
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS, How good was that! My very first big gig ever!

I had been down town New York City looking around with music only on my mind and I happened to pass by the CBS recording studio and I went in the building and the security guard was in the lobby, he questioned me as to what and where was I going! I said to him I have no place to go, but I would love to know who was in the building recording at that moment and he told me that " Blood Sweat & Tears was in the building recording on the second floor. I asked if I could go up and peek in and he took a real long look at me and said OK! You go up and come right back!

I went up and I peeked in the room and there was Hank Cosby sitting at the controls and he saw me and said can I help you? I said - Disco Music.Com


New Releases:
" Thinking Of You" Sharon Brown
Released On May 26, 2007
' Give Love A Chance'
Coming in August 2008



Sharon Brown"s classic mega hit in 1982 " I Specialize In Love" is still going strong. Still the number one requested song in the dance clubs across this globe ! SHARON went on to win the Best New Female Artist Of The Year award from " Cashbox Music Magazine". The Award Show was televised on the NBC Network. Sharon was in the R&B Adult Contemporary Category and was the chosen winner. " FREDA PAYNE" and "HELEN REDDING" presented Sharon Brown with her award. Before " I Specialize In Love, Sharon Brown worked as a free lance song writer, producer and musical arranger and coordinator for the legendary rock band " Blood, Sweat & Tears along with another MOTOWN great producer " HANK COSBY" for CBS Records in New York City her home town. The song that Sharon wrote for the group " Blood ,Sweat & Tears " titled " LOVE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU" was released as a single and was the third song on side A of the album " BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS" " MIRROR'S IMAGE " on the CBS Record label. Sharon then moved on to her next musical CBS project, producing and composing for " RONNIE DYSON" the lead vocalist in the broadway musical hit play "HAIR" though the "RONNIE DYSON" album sat in the CBS Records vault never to be released, Sharon kept things moving along. Sharon began writing new songs for various artist and studied under the legendary MOTOWN producer " NORMAN WHITFIELD" Sharon started writing new music and producing herself while teaming up with Mr. CURTIS MAYFIELD" and British Drum & Bass group " EZ Rollers" and ole school rap artist " Doug E Fresh". Sharon Brown released a few new songs in 2003, " YOU'LL NEVER KNOW, ROADRUNNER and THINKING OF YOU ". Sharon worked with various artist to sharpen her writing and vocal skills. Just to name a few, there was the ole blues artist " T-BONE WALKER, GROOVER WASHINGTON JR., ROSE ROYCE, BETTE WRIGHT, MILLIE JACKSON, LIL ESTHER PHILIPS, MARY JANE GIRLS, JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON, and a host of others. The DISCO DIVAS, CAROL WILLIAMS, CAROL DOUGLAS, FONDA RAE, TAANA GARDNER, LINDA CLIFFORD, LOLITA HOLLOWAY and many more. Mr. Ron Richardson at " HUSHTOWN ENTERTAINMENT " to begin a new saga in her musical career! Now on Myspacemusic you have a chance to reach out to Sharon and hear her music ! Sharon Brown is now in the studio recording new music along with a host of friends. She is also planning a trip to "KINGSTON JAMACIA" to write new music influenced by the legendary reggae artist " BOB MARLEY"Sharon has always remained focused on designing her music for the UPLIFTING of all people. Out of the deepest of waters and the darkness of despair,
SHARON BROWN has emerged redeemed by the LIGHT OF LOVE !
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