We entertain the crowds with hard rockin music that provides the energy for dancing and listening enjoyment. Our vast collection includes current to classic of over 50 artists as well as some original music. Creative graphic visuals and sound system available.


RockWell is an eclectic source of good music. We keep current as well as delve deep into rock history. We highlight female artists primarily, but the men have a few tunes where they show their stuff. Our influences individually are very different and provides the massive expansion of our variety. Our original music explores various styles and creative songwriting by Sharon Hartley.


Mr. Sun

Written By: Sharon Hartley

Em7 A7
Wake me up, Mr. Sun.
Help me do what must be done.

F#Maj 7 G
I won’t let you suffer…
Bm G
I’ll help you my brother.

Em7 A7
Wake me up, Mr. Sun.
The long lonely winter is done.

F#Maj 7 G Bm G
Although I struggle with who I am
F#Maj 7 G Bm G
No one seems to understand.

[lead] Em7 A7 x2 / F#maj 7 G Bm G x2

Wake me up, Mr. Sun.
No one knows what you’ve become.

Cmaj 7 G F
I learned a lifetime in the darkness.
I know the warmth of the light will guide us.

F#Maj 7 G Bm G
I know you’re blind, but you will see.
F#Maj 7 G Bm G
Just how good life can be.

Em7 A7 (small break for harp/keys)

F#Maj 7 G Bm G
Dive deep into the blue ocean,
F#Maj 7 G Bm G
wash the shores of your e motions.

Em7 A7
Wake me up, Mr. Sun.
Sunshine, bring on the light.

Cmaj G Fmaj7
Take my hand and you will see.
It’s all waiting there – our destiny.

F#Maj 7 G Bm G
Come out of your hiding place.
I miss your smiling face.

Wake me Up, Mr. Sun.

Around the Corner

Written By: Sharon Hartley

Waiting, hoping, the anticipation's growing. Job cuts, war talks, another political pill to swallow. Change the way to deserve tomorrow.

It just around the corner.
Remember I love you.

I feel like a toy left in a box, but I'm made to play. I'm not your puppet. Do you read me? A wise man knows when to walk away. It's not just another day, it might be your last chance to change.

You see, this world rests on my shoulders, struggling with too many problems, just look around we can't wait any longer.

Miracle happen everyday.

The greed, the hate... It's killing me. No one seems to care about the world and humanity.

If I could change this world, I'd wash away the fear with love. I want a better world if noone else will.


Alpha Dog - RockWell
Around the Corner - Sharon Hartley
Bad Monkey- Sharon Hartley
Believe - Sharon Hartley
Bitter Sister - Sharon Hartley
Don't Pretend - Sharon Hartley
Hot - Sharon Hartley
Fuel The Fire - Sharon Hartley
Losing Control - Sharon Hartley
Mr. Sun - Sharon Hartley
Past the Future - Sharon Hartley
Piece of Me - Sharon Hartley
Something New - Sharon Hartley
Space Cake - RockWell

Set List

Barracuda - Heart
Bodies Hit the Floor – Drowning Pool
Everglade – L7
I’m only Happy when it rains – Garbage
People are Strange –Doors
Fresh Garbage - Pink
Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake
Soak Up The Sun – Cheryl Crow
Peace Frog - Doors
It’s my life – No doubt
Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
Live Wire AC / DC
Hey Bulldog The Beatles
You Better Run Pat Benatar
The Wizard Black Sabbath
One Way or Another Blondie
Vampire Concrete Blonde
Is It My Body? Alice Cooper
Highway Star Deep Purple
People Are Strange The Doors
Land Slide Fleetwood Mac
I'm Only Happy When It Rains Garbage
Give it to Me J. Geils Band
Vehicle The Ides of March
Somebody to Love Jefferson Airplane
Me and Bobby McGee Janis Joplin
Move Over Janis Joplin
Piece of My Heart Janis Joplin
D'yer Maker Led Zeppelin
Misty Mountain Hop Led Zeppelin
MoonDance Van Morrison
Money Pink Floyd
Young Lust / Empty Spaces Pink Floyd
Lust for Life Iggy