Sharon Halback

Sharon Halback

 Marion, South Carolina, USA

Inspirational Christian Vocalist/Songwriter


The Lord will command His loving kindness in the daytime and in the night; His song shall be with me in prayer to the God of my life. Psalm 42:8

These words epitomize the very spirit in which Sharon Halback, ministers the word of God through song. When you seem to be going through, these scripture-based songs will not only inspire and lift you up, but they will minister to you in your night…. (Job 35:10). So that you will know that Joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5)

As a youngster growing up in Marion, S.C., Sharon’s parents James and Willie Mae Johnson recognized her love for music at the tender age of four. With their encouragement, along with the urging of her four sisters, local church family and community, by age six, she was leading songs in her local church choir. By high school she had become a learned music connoisseur through singing with chorus and special groups. Although she went on to matriculate at Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL, to study Business Administration, she knew that her wealth of music knowledge and God-given gifts were to be used to edify the body of Christ. But the answer to her question of when seemed to elude her. Until now, one husband and four children later, this tree, planted by the rivers of water, is bringing forth its fruit in its season. Sharon has written, arranged and completed 2 full CD projects entitled Minister to Me and Created to Worship. She has also written a number of inspirational songs including a racial harmony song entitled The Color of Love and America Is Praying For You. Sharon plans to follow Christ wherever He leads and to use the gifts that He has so graciously given to her for His Total Glory.

Halback currently resides in Covington, G.A. where she and her husband (CC), partner in ministry and are raising three sons (Christopher, Christon, and Christavian) and one daughter (Sharonae).

Sharon understands that she has been chosen by God as a mouthpiece for the furtherance of His kingdom. As God continues to show her His perfect love and specific plan for her life, she listens with an open heart and relays God’s love on a regular basis at her local church, various programs, conferences, concerts and special occasions from Canada to Miami, Florida.


The Color of Love

Written By: Sharon Halback

Words and Music -Sharon Halback /Copyright 2002

Verse 1
Children playing outside in yard
Little girls and boys with fashion dolls and race cars
Although they’ll grow-up in a world that’s not colorblind
They’ll never lose this precious moment in time
When no one’s even questioning the color of fun
Giving no thought to the color of love

Is it red? Is it blue? Is it yellow? Is it you? Is it me? Is it black? Is it white?
Oh what is the color of love?

Verse 2
A mom standing proud on her baby boy’s graduation
For the day she’s worked so hard for has finally come
And all those looking on sees how deep her tears run
Yet no one ever questions the color of her joy
Giving no thought to the color of love

Verse 3
A father in a small country church on his daughter’s wedding day
Ready but not ready to give his little girl away
For only a father whose been down this road before
Understands the joy yet pain that this father knows
Yet no one ever questions the color of his heart
Giving no thought to the color of love.


Verse 4
A fireman, a policeman, a paramedic, a friend
They all went in not looking for the color of skin
On what seemed to be the worst day, our nation ever seen
Human life exposed to danger at the hand of greed and anger
Yet no one ever questioned the color of their compassion
Giving no thought to the color of love


For you see I’ve come to discover
That love truly has no color
No it’s not red and it’s not blue, it’s not yellow, black or white
But the color of love is just me and you!

America Is Praying For You!

Written By: Sharon Halback

America Is Praying For You
Sharon Halback
Copyright 2005

What do you say to someone who's lost family and home?
How do you explain the devastation with the soul?
Who could have ever imagined things could be so bad? To have everything on yesterday and today lose all you had.
So grateful to be alive. Just wondering how to survive.

So to the child who's lost a Mom or Dad.
America is praying for you!
To that husband who lost his precious wife.
America is praying for you!
And we'll do whatever it takes to get you through
Yes the red, white and blue
We're praying for you!

If we could answer every question and dry every tear. Meet every need and give new hope where there is fear. If we could erase the bad memories things would be okay. We'd remove every pain and give you sunshine for your rain.

So to the Mom or Dad that's lost a child.
America is praying for you!
To that wife whose lost her husband.
America is praying for you!
And we'll do whatever it takes to get you through
Yes the red, white and blue
We're praying for you!

So be strong don't give up
Cause we're here with help and love. Heart to heart and hand in hand. Undivided united we stand. And we'll do whatever takes to get you through. Yes the red, white and blue, we're praying for you

Maybe you've lost a sister or brother, friend or cousin, an aunt or uncle
We'll do whatever takes to see you through. Yes the red, white and blue, we're praying for you!


America Is Praying For You 2005-Inspirational Single
The Color of Love 2003- Inspirational Racial Harmony Single

Minister to Me- Full Project 2002
Created to Worship- Full Project 2004

Set List

Concerts are alive and full of energy, laughter, and sometimes tears. Usually 5-10 songs with two segements.